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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 92: The State of CSR

By on Apr 3, 2019


Things are changing in the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR). Employee volunteerism is on the rise, and a variety of new trends in employee giving programs are taking hold. Today’s guest, Dustin Joost, VP of Sales and Marketing at YourCause (a Blackbaud company), joins the podcast to talk more about these trends and what they say about the state of CSR today.

Dustin discusses ins and outs of the newly published “2019 CSR Industry Review.” Listen in to hear about major report findings, what’s driving the rise in corporate volunteerism, and which statistics Dustin found surprising and exciting.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The major trends highlighted in the report
  • Why employee volunteerism has been on the rise
  • How companies are engaging new employees in CSR
  • Strategies companies can employ to help drive donations to employee giving programs
  • The rise of peer-to-peer fundraising within corporations

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Dustin Joost
2019 CSR Industry Review


“Really what we’re trying to do is build the largest network of do-gooders to go out and make a meaningful impact in the world.”

“Some of the most impactful companies that we’ve seen are able to tie their community relations efforts into that first-day experience.”

“Peer-to-peer personalizes what fundraising means.”


Comments (3)

  • Karen says:

    Thank you for your research and input Dustin. Your fundamental changes reflect the changes in engagement, volunteerism and peer to peer fundraising.

    Your research on volunteerism is impressive. I would have never guessed that the majority of people volunteer because their friends are and that volunteering is viewed as an experience.

  • Shelly Gammieri says:

    Great input, Dustin. It seems like the trends in volunteerism are right in-line with the rise of social media (and maybe a little FOMO). I’m not sure what I would have expected, but this all seems to add up. Many thanks!

  • Mary Sommer says:

    Seeing data trends in the perceived value of volunteering is great.

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