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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 135: Accountable Impact: A Model for Sustainable Mission Growth

By on Feb 20, 2020


Decision-making around directing philanthropic giving is an increasingly data-driven exercise. So, it’s more important than ever for social good organizations looking to attract investment to be able to quantify and communicate their defined outcomes and ability to efficiently and effectively achieve them. This is accountable impact.

Today’s episode features an excerpt of a panel session at bbcon 2019 with John Cashman, Senior Principal Account Executive and Tony Boor, Chief Financial Officer at Blackbaud, Paul Preziotti, Principal at Johnson Lambert LLP and Traci Drake, Chief Philanthropy Executive at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Listen in get an inside look at the 2019 Blackbaud Accountable Impact Study and to hear these experts discuss challenges and best practices around adopting a culture of accountable impact to drive support for your mission.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • Background on Blackbaud’s 2019 Accountable Impact Study
  • Why the sub-competencies covered in this study were chosen
  • Finance benchmark competencies
  • Funding transparency
  • Promoting success from a financial perspective
  • Communication between the finance function and non-financial managers
  • Why so many nonprofits and social good organizations don’t feel enabled when it comes to technology
  • The interconnectivity of people, processes, and technology
  • Working with donors to fund capacity building needs

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“The healthier an organization is in terms of vendor and credit management, the higher their overall competencies.” – John Cashman

“Most of the individuals who are making the key decisions don’t have a financial background. Your role in finance is to provide that link, from the accounting information.” –Paul Preziotti

“Technology is not a silver bullet. If you don’t have properly trained people, and you don’t have good processes, technology’s not going to solve it.” –Tony Boor



Comments (1)

  • Karen says:

    Thank you for your insight to accountability. Traci, you are right about the struggles to “keep the lights on.” They are real, but if transparent, someone or a group will step up.

    A short story about a benefactor and his estate plan… We mentioned one of our struggles is to keep up with the most current technology due to the cost in our quarterly newsletter about five years ago. We were planting the seed and attempting to educate our benefactors on not only our external needs, but internal and more specific, operational.

    A benefactor called us and expressed interest in assisting us with the need of technological improvements. He became an annual donor of $10,000 to supplement the need.

    Fast forward to 2018, this benefactor passed away that December. We were aware of his estate plans and had an old copy of his will and testament. Upon his death, of course we waited until after the new year, we reached out to the financial planner he worked with. The financial planner educated us on what the benefactor would like to see happen with his gift of nearly $500K. He wanted us to use the money towards education and the implementation of new technologies or an “upgrade,” as he put it. I am please to say every department within our organization has a new computer, the latest software and is trained on how to use it. This all was because we provided our benefactors with a bit of education on our needs and we were transparent.

    Again, thank you all for your time and education to us!

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