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The sgENGAGE Podcast Episode 110: Understanding Data Privacy Regulations

By on Aug 15, 2019


data privacy regulations for nonprofits

New privacy regulations, data breaches and consumer attitudes about data privacy are constantly in the headlines. But it’s not just corporations that have to worry about data privacy – data privacy regulations are a serious topic for social good organizations as well.

Cameron Stoll, Principal Legal Counsel at Blackbaud, joins host Steve MacLaughlin to explore the topic of data privacy regulations in depth. Listen in to learn about the changing expectations of consumers and donors, the importance of transparency in data privacy policies, and how the GDPR is influencing data privacy regulations globally.

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

  • The effect that Cambridge Analytica had on the privacy regulation discourse
  • The penalties associated with data breaches
  • The new normal when it comes to privacy regulations
  • The changing expectations of consumers and donors
  • Transparency around data usage
  • Consent issues with data
  • The differences between implicit consent and affirmative consent
  • Creating privacy policies that live up to stakeholder expectations, above and beyond legal requirements
  • Planning for new privacy regulation

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Listen Now:


Cameron Stoll
Privacy Toolkit: An Introductory Guide to Safeguarding Your Constituent Data
Article: Two Crucial Themes from the GDPR Featuring in US-Privacy Legislation


“I think this one’s going to stick. July 2019 was the biggest month for privacy enforcement in history.” –Cameron Stoll

“Cambridge Analytica really changed the landscape of privacy and the concept of privacy in the everyday user.” –Cameron Stoll

“It really is a top-down effort, because privacy controls affect so many different aspects of an organization’s behavior.” –Cameron Stoll


Comments (5)

  • Mary Sommer says:

    As a non-profit, we try to minimize data exposure and collection. As you indicate, the expectations are the same for us as any other business as far as perceptions go. We utilize programs and software, expecting that data breaches will not happen.

  • Linda McMillan says:

    Very timely. I will be sharing with others in my organization.

  • Sage says:

    It’s so important to stress to our donors and supporters that we abide by the same expectations as any other business. Transparency is the key. Although data breaches are horrid to ponder, knowing the consequences and paths forward puts everyone a step ahead.

  • Nicole Holt says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. It’s our responsibility to be ever-mindful of the data we collect.

  • Amy D. says:

    I do wonder if the US will ever move to a full GDPR-type model.

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