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How to Prepare Your Pitch for New Technology Investments

By on Jun 27, 2014


Investing in Technology

The new gadgets and channels that are available today don’t just change how we do marketing, or where a product or service might be offered (online vs. offline vs. mobile device). How we get and share information, and our fundamental behaviors as human beings, are all being disrupted by the influence that technology and the internet are having on our lives and the world around us. How leadership and management are discussed, and how organizations and institutions must operate, needs to change. And while the need to change is there, it can often be challenging to illustrate and justify the investment in technology that can make that change and growth possible.

Last week, we hosted a webinar around this very topic of technology and innovation within nonprofit organizations called Selling Your Vision: How to Build Leadership Support for New Technology Investments. The webinar provided a blueprint for navigating the daunting process of pitching your leadership team on needed technology for your organization. Danielle Johnson Vermenton, senior interactive consultant at Blackbaud, and Chris Schwartz, director of development at Grace Church Community Center, shared their experiences and tips for a successful sale to your board or leadership team.

Below are the four key areas to focus on while preparing your pitch for technology investment:

Know the trends

Share current donor demographics in support of your case.Did you know that more than 50% of constituents receive email on their mobile devices? Multichannel is the new normal, and donors want to hear from their favorite charities online. To keep up with these changes, development and marketing teams know they need the right technology; the kind of technology that will grow with their needs and sophistication.

Do the Research

Before you can get to point B, you need to know where you are coming from. Where is your organization today? Paint the picture for your board or leadership team by analyzing your current campaign results, conducting a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat analysis) and compare your organization to industry benchmarks.

Position the Ask

Make sure you know the nuts and buts of the tool you are pitching  and talk to your leadership team in terms of how it will impact today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities. Leadership is responsible for the strategic plan and part of that requires having the right tools in place to be successful. Keep that in mind as your present your case for support.

Be Ready for Questions

Like a good major gifts solicitation, there will be questions. Make sure you are prepared to answer the tough questions – How will this improve what we are already doing? What is the ROI? Have you evaluated other technologies – why did this one stand out?

For a deeper dive into these key areas and an overall guide on how to make the case, click here to view the webinar on demand and don’t miss the accompanying white paper, Making the Case to Nonprofit Leadership: How to Convey and Sell the Need to Invest in Fundraising Technology, which is chock full of tips,research and how-to’s on selling the critical need for technology investment for your organization’s success.


Clare Corriveau is a Demand Generation Marketing Manager at Blackbaud. A geek about all things modern marketing, she is passionate about helping nonprofits take their marketing to the next level. Follow her on Twitter @clareinatx.

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