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2 New Solutions with 4 Big Things| Great News for the Nonprofit Sector

By on Oct 7, 2014


Today Blackbaud announces our NXT solutions to the world.  This is great news for many reasons, but mostly because nonprofit organizations will soon have the opportunity to expand their missions further than ever before, powered by Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT.

All of us on the Blackbaud team feel the enormous responsibility and the criticality of our roles in being a part of the leading company in the world 100% focused on nonprofit and giving communities.

To a person, we are both honored and humbled by the amazing work our customers do, and take great pride in building solutions that contribute to furthering their ambitious, important missions.

We also know that it is an imperative that Blackbaud’s solutions bring 4 big things together for our customers – our deep experience and knowledge that comes from serving nonprofits for 30+ years, the learning from our tens of thousands of nonprofit customers across the world, the foresight and insight into the major trends in the philanthropy, and the best, most current technology innovation.

With the NXT solutions, we believe are accomplishing exactly this.

Here’s just one view of how Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT bring the 4 big things together:

1. Deep Experience and Knowledge of Nonprofits:

We know from experience that when nonprofits leverage analytics and data to guide their fundraising actions, they get demonstrably better results.  So, we’ve built analytics into Raiser’s Edge NXT, and then proactively serve up recommendations and actions that ensure your organization can get the results we know from experience are possible.

2. Guidance from Our Customers:

Our customers have told us they want a simple, easier interface when they use our solutions.  So, we’ve built brand new, beautiful, intuitive interfaces in our Financial Edge NXT and Raiser’s Edge solutions.  It’s a whole new experience designed to be both beautiful and delightful.

3. Insight into Major Trends:

We see fundraising is moving online and that crowdfunding is a major trend impacting giving.  So, we’ve built simple online fundraising and integrated crowdfunding with everydayhero right into Raiser’s Edge NXT.

4. Technology Innovation:

The world is going mobile and NXT is too.  Our NXT solutions include the latest responsive design technology, meaning you can use the solutions on-the-go and on any device, while maintaining a high-quality, robust experience.

I could go further on each of these, but hopefully you get the idea!

We invite you to learn more about Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT.  We’re sharing many details about it here at bbcon 2014, Blackbaud’s Conference for Nonprofits, and then we have preview webinars starting next week.

Please sign up for a preview webinar today!

Once you see Raiser’s Edge NXT and Financial Edge NXT in action, I hope you’ll agree that the NXT solutions are great news!


Mary Pat Donnellon is an experienced executive with a keen interest in the nonprofit sector.  She has been fortunate to combine her interests in technology, fundraising, nonprofits and leadership in her personal life and professional career.

Mary Pat joined Blackbaud in 2011 as VP of Marketing.  Previously she served as CEO of Mission Research, makers of GiftWorks fundraising software for small nonprofits in Lancaster, PA.  The first decade of her career was spent as a Systems Engineer and Project Manager with EDS.

She has also served as both a nonprofit volunteer and staff member.   She served on the board and as president of the New School of Lancaster.  She also served  as development director for a number of years.  In addition, she served as a long-time board member and Vice President of the YWCA Lancaster, and is now on the board of directors of Charleston Stage.

Mary Pat and her husband Tim have three children. They live in downtown Charleston and love walking and biking everywhere!


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