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The npENGAGE Fall Magazine is Here!

By on Nov 20, 2015


npENGAGE Magazine

Sometimes it can feel like a donor-centered approach and an impact-centered approach to fundraising are mutually exclusive. In our attempts to communicate impact to our donors, we often end up overwhelming them with numbers that ultimately muddy our message, rather than reinforce it. But in reality, impact measurement, when communicated effectively, can be your greatest tool in a donor-centric fundraising model.

This fall issue of npENGAGE Magazine will help you marry the two approaches into a strong model to carry you into the end-of-year-giving season. Start with Annie Rhodes’ article The Journey to Impact and Beyond. Annie shares the feedback gathered from a national listening tour that revealed what top funders are really looking for when they’re asking for “outcome” measurements.

Next, Lori L. Jacobwith shares the secret sauce for winning fundraising appeals in Ignite Your Year-End Fundraising Appeals. Her six tips are a surefire way to build meaningful connections with your supporters, both old and new, over the holiday season.

And on the topic of using numbers in a meaningful way, don’t miss 50 Fascinating Philanthropy Stats. This new online feature brings together 50 key stats on giving performance, donor characteristics, and more from reputable sources across the sector. When you understand the story behind those numbers, you’ll be well-positioned for fundraising success.

Here at npENGAGE Magazine, we know that making the tie between measuring outcomes and building relationships between donors can be daunting. But with these resources behind you, you’ll be ready to maximize both approaches during this end-of-year fundraising season.


Ashley Thompson is the managing director for the Blackbaud Institute for Philanthropic Impact. She is the Editor of npENGAGE magazine and is responsible for driving many of the company’s extensive research reports and best practice guides. Ashley’s passion for the nonprofit sector stems from her roots deep within the nonprofit sector as a fundraiser and development marketer. She firmly believes that through her role at Blackbaud to build valuable research and insights for organizations, she can influence much needed changes and better support effective and efficient practices for the sector.

Beyond her role as a thought leader, she takes a great pride in building deep relationships on behalf of the company with groups such as the AFP and actively participates in her local sector as the Director of Communications on the board of AFP’s Greater Austin Chapter and as a Social Venture Partner with Mission Capital.

Connect with her on Twitter at @EttaMT or on LinkedIn.

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