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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: The Perfect Blog Post, A Secret Sauce, and Befriending Donor Data

By on May 30, 2014


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Well, it’s 11:45 pm on Thursday, May 29th. I’ve been in the airport since 6 pm and I’ve got (so they say) another hour to go.

It’s fitting, really, that I should find myself sprawled out on the airport floor, surrounded by a sea of other helpless travelers, writing this post.

After neglecting my roundup responsibilities for two weeks, I now realize that being confined to Concourse E for 6 hours was, quite possibly, the best thing for me. I’ve had a lot of time to think, people watch (the highlight of any airport adventure, am I right?), prioritize, and get caught up.

A few things I’ll take away with me from this experience: Never again wear heals while traveling..or maybe ever. Always sit next to a power outlet. Just go with it, because no amount of frustration will make travel delays any less delayed. Fast food CAN be good for the soul. And, countless hours spent in an airport go by a lot faster when you’re getting stuff done.

So, the weekly roundup is back and it’s coming to you on Fridays from now on.

Here’s What Inspired Me While Stranded in Charlotte, NC

  • Kevan Lee of Buffer prefaced his post by saying, “Writing a blog post about how to write a perfect blog post is the most meta of burdens.” After I scanned, read, scanned, and read some more..I knew he wasn’t lying. The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post: The Data on Headlines, Length, Images and More is everything its title promises it will be. And since your nonprofit is (hopefully) maintaining a blog that shares about all the goodness and impact  your  mission inspires, this is a post you can’t miss.
  • Chang is difficult, especially when it comes to climbing a mountain as high as a nonprofit rebrand. Why? Because even after you pour your heart and soul into the new strategy, and no matter how confident you feel, your board has the power to make or break it. So, really, going in unarmed to a board meeting about your rebrand strategy isn’t an option. Sarah Durahm of Big Duck’s Three real-world ways to involve your board in your nonprofit’s rebrand might be the key to understanding how you and your board can work together to ensure an outcome you both feel good about.
  • We may have lost one of the greatest writers of all time this week, but her work, her style and her authenticity, has forever influenced the way we tell our stories. The Storytelling Secret Sauce – Via Maya Angelou is Nancy Shwartz’s ode to the writer and activist that proved relevant and accessible storytelling is key.
  • How well are your fundraising strategies and tactics working? Without adequate donor data analysis, this may be a tough question to answer. While metrics and data mining may seem like endeavors for only the largest of nonprofits, Donna Mehr joins Pamela Grow’s blog to say it’s possible to become a ‘data-informed’ nonprofit, no matter your size. In her post Donor data is your friend! 5 steps to get you started, Mehr breaks down the why and the how to becoming a data-analysis devotee.
  • The Size of Your Housefile May be Hindering Your Email Deliverability, says Chas Offut on npENGAGE. Quality trumps quantity and we’ve done less than an ideal job of weeding out the disengaged from our email lists. And now the dead weight could be jeopardizing the ability to fully engage supporters and measure the impact of communications. Take a look at the post to hear what to do next.

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Madeline Turner is a social media expert, and was formerly the online and social marketing manager at Blackbaud. Prior to running Blackbaud’s social media and thought leadership blog npENGAGE, Madeline worked as a managing editor for Blackbaud’s content marketing program. It is her goal to create content and share ideas that challenge the status quo of the nonprofit industry. When Madeline isn’t tweeting or writing blog posts, you can find her drinking coffee out of her ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ mug, wearing giant headphones and singing off-key.

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