The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Fundraising Results You Really Want, Building Emerging Leaders, and Life After Websites. | npENGAGE

The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: Fundraising Results You Really Want, Building Emerging Leaders, and Life After Websites.

By on Aug 10, 2014


You may have noticed, but npENGAGE got a makeover. Big time.

We’ve slimmed down, simplified, and decided to focus more acutely on one thing: providing you with the best possible experience. This means offering you the most helpful and relevant content, in the format you prefer: blog post, eBook, infographic, webinar. It’s all here.

But we’re not the only ones dedicated to helping you. If the amount of awesome content produced for the nonprofit industry is any indication, your support system is huge (and the knowledge extensive). So, I hand-picked a few a my favorite assets produced this week to make sifting through it all just a little easier.

Here are this week’s nonprofit highlights:

  • Gail Perry is already setting you up for fundraising success in 2015. In her post, 6 Steps to Creating The Fundraising Results You Really Want, she gives you tips to building a systematic fundraising plan that  will get your entire organization on board. It starts with an honest evaluation of how things are working now. What worked? What didn’t? And what are your priorities for the coming year?
  • What leadership skills do nonprofit emerging leaders need to succeed? According to research by Devon Scheef and Diane Thiefoldt of The Learning Café, millennials need extra support around establishing sufficient respect and credibility that would allow them to lead with the skills, efficiency, and patience required for success. Beth Kanter’s post highlights additional findings from the research and urges nonprofits to evaluate their professional development plans for their emerging leaders.
  • Care2 and Parachute Digital teamed up to create a White Paper explaining how your organization can acquire and “on-board” digitally savvy supporters. Ashley Hansen’s post, Effective Online Onboarding Strategies, shares the six stages covered in the whitepaper and the key points from the findings that resonated with her most.
  • Facebook’s desire to move the messenger component of their site into an application of its own is stirring a lot of conversation. As Mitch Joel says in his post Life After Websites, ‘Facebook doesn’t want to be one website or singular destination. Facebook wants to own every app that we use in this very different digital world’. So what does this mean?  Has our smartphone and mobile device usage instigated the evolution of the web as we know it? Maybe. With the rise of apps from big brands and a undeniable movement towards a one screen world, nonprofits need to start considering what this means for their fundraising and marketing.
  • This fall marks the third anniversary of responsive design. In honor of the famous September launch of Boston Globe’s website, Lace Kruger shares 3 Responsive Design Trends I’m Digging and Which Nonprofits are Working Them Best.  I find the “Slow death of the slideshow” trendiest of all, and, per usual,  charity: water is totally nailing it.
  • The  2014 Mid-Year Fundraising Trends show that overall giving was up 1.6% for the first six months of 2014 compared to 2013, driven primarily (59%) by contributions to Faith-based, Education, and Human Services organizations. Online Giving was also up — by 8%– thanks to the double-digit increases in Healthcare, Higher Education, and Arts & Culture organizations.  But Steve MacLaughlin is cautiously optimism about the fundraising outlook for the rest of 2014. Read his post to hear why.

What else caught your eye this week?


Madeline Turner is a social media expert, and was formerly the online and social marketing manager at Blackbaud. Prior to running Blackbaud’s social media and thought leadership blog npENGAGE, Madeline worked as a managing editor for Blackbaud’s content marketing program. It is her goal to create content and share ideas that challenge the status quo of the nonprofit industry. When Madeline isn’t tweeting or writing blog posts, you can find her drinking coffee out of her ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ mug, wearing giant headphones and singing off-key.

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