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The #16NTC Session Guide: 14 Sessions You Absolutely Can’t Miss

By on Mar 21, 2016



I’m headed to NTC again and want to give you the run down of the sessions I’m excited about and plan to attend. This is my big professional development conference of the year and I can’t wait to get new ideas, reinforce things I know and be inspired. Hopefully you’re planning your own ME moment in 2016, tell me about it in the comments below.


10:30-12:00 pm

Crafting Cause Awareness Day Campaigns With Lasting Impact 210H

If engagement is the new acquisition (and it is), then this session is right up my alley. Not enough organizations take advantage of cause awareness days or do enough to position themselves as experts in their focus area and mission. I’ll see you there and will be live tweeting my thoughts.

1:30-3:00 pm

The Future of Email: from 2016 to 2026

This channel isn’t going away anytime soon, but open and action rates are flat lined. Interested to hear from these speakers on the trends they see and how to do more with email.

Let’s Get Tactical: Understanding Digital Metrics and What They Mean

Even I get overwhelmed with this topic when consulting with organizations. Looking fwd to hearing from others, what they recommend and how they use the metrics to adjust and improve results.

Change Workshop: Managing Change to Ensure a Technology Project’s Success

There isn’t an organization out there that hasn’t recently invested in a new technology solution, is in the midst of adoption or will embark on that journey soon. To help my own clients do a better job at this I am attending to gain valuable advice.

3:30-5 pm

Diversity in Giving: Exploring the Changing Landscape

I had to list this one because I am presenting on our ground breaking Diversity in Giving Study. Join me to learn about the results and have an honest, unfiltered discussion around why there is a lack of diversity and what you should be doing to address it.

What!? You Mean There’s More to It than Just Writing Copy for a Fundraising Email?

I’m bummed I can’t attend this session (I am presenting at the same time), it sounds amazing. It is a round table session on everything involved in creating and executing a multi-message online campaign from the kick off to the landing page and autoresponder. I will definitely follow the hashtag.


10:30 am

Facebook, auto-play, periscope, snapchat stories and more: making video content that rules the web

Relationships are multi-channel and increasingly digital, that includes social media. Don’t be afraid to get out there and just do it. You can engage, thank, steward, influence and more with each and every constituent, but you need a plan.

Year End Fundraising Year Round

If your organization sees somewhere between 40-60% of online revenue come in around December then you should plan and execute a year round campaign. And don’t think for a moment that it’s just about December, thanking, stewarding, and engaging your supporters throughout the year builds a stronger relationship in every campaign and ask you make.


Shiny Objects and Magic Wands: Avoiding the Seduction of Quick Fixes

This topic is so very needed. Too often organizations think the next best technology is what they need when in fact the hard truth and facts meeting should happen first to identify what’s really going on and needed.  Want to know what I really think? Download episode 3 of the Raise+Engage podcast when we discuss the intersection of your technology, staff and strategy.

Your People are Talking, Are you Listening?

In season 2 of the Raise+Engage podcast I am going to tackle this topic, so it’s a good one to listen in and get opinions and ideas to share in June.


10:30 am

The Future of Collaboration: Tips and Tech Tools to Empower Teams

Another topic I am fiercely passionate about – #1 working smarter not harder, #2 embracing remote employees at nonprofits (the best talent isn’t always local) and #3 creating teams that get it done.

Communications Mythbusters: Best Practices vs Bad Advice

I love this session! I hear “best practices” so often from my clients and can’t believe “experts” are still pushing some of these things with today’s trends. And my own knowledge could use a refresher too!

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: An Unfiltered Conversation about Culture, Leadership & Change

Join my colleague in this thought provoking session on how and where nonprofits stumble and sometimes fail, but where there is real opportunity to change and do better.

Shameless plug: if you want more unfiltered, honest advice and practical tips, listen to our #NofilterNonprofit webinar ‘Getting Unstuck: How to Create and Achieve Goals that Will Transform Your Organization, Your Team, and Yourself.

1:30 pm

Use the News: How to Fundraise when the Media Spotlight Shines on Your Organization Mission

Is someone reading my notes?! I call these hot damn moments and every organization has to be ready to take advantage when they happen.

What’s on your agenda?

There you have it, my top picks for NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Jose. Follow along as I live tweet @djvermenton. You can also follow the conference at #16NTC, plus each session has its own unique hashtag (brilliant idea), so make a list of the sessions you like and check out what others are saying. Find the sessions and unique hashtags at


Danielle Johnson-Vermenton, CFRE, is the Director, Nonprofit Strategy at PMX Agency and is often called to present at events like Digital Leap, AFP Planet Philanthropy and BBCON.  Prior to PMX Agency, Danielle worked in nonprofit technology at Blackbaud for 7 years and for 13 years with boots on the ground in roles such as director of individual giving at Boys & Girls Clubs, leadership giving manager at the Red Cross and director of development at HUGS for Kids. Danielle’s passion is inspiring nonprofits to have a plan for today with a grand vision for tomorrow. You can follow Danielle @DJVermenton and on Facebook at

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