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Super Heroes and Major Milestones – Good is Taking Over, One Act of Kindness at a Time

By on Mar 30, 2016



Every single day, we’re inundated with messages—from unrest over seas to a heated political climate—and we’re often left wondering, “Is there even anything I can do?”.

There’s so much noise, and still so much work to be done, that we often forget about all of the amazing things happening around us and opportunities there are to get involved.

Yes, in the midst of all the chaos and hubbub, there is work being done—the kind of work that changes lives and gives us hope for a better, more peaceful future. And every day, I get glimpses of this work, of how even the smallest acts of kindness can have huge impact.

I see glimpses of good taking over.

Recently, we polled some of our Blackbaud’s Champions and asked for them to share examples of ways they see good taking over. Here are some of their responses:

Everyday Superheroes:

During a snow storm, a patient couldn’t make it to the hospital so the nurse put on a pair of snow skies and went to the patient. Talk about providing amazing care! – Jenny Kleintop, Advancement Services Officer, Abington Health Foundation

Value Chains of Benevolence:

One of the participants in our self-help groups in Nepal started his own group for others to help them overcome challenges related to leprosy. – Jennifer Chase, Digital Marketing Specialist, effect:hope, The Leprosy Mission Canada

Light Spread in the Darkness:

We are a cancer research organization, and one way we help good take over is through engaging the community to come together through third party events to honor someone who has or had cancer. It’s taking something negative and doing something positive with it. – Angie Stumpo, Development Associate, Van Andel Institute

Millionth Milestones Achieved:

We just celebrated getting access to clean water for the first million people. – Jeremiah Pierce, Project Accountant,

Education for a Better Tomorrow:

We teach school children the importance of conservation in order to create a generation of citizen scientists. – Elizabeth Grover, Development and Member Services Manager, Rhode Island Zoological Society

Overcoming Rivalries for the Greater Good:

Our school came together to help the flood victims in Columbia when many families were affected by the flood. Our school was closed for a week, so during that time students, faculty, and parents went out in the community to help families clean out their homes and give supplies and food. We appeared on the national evening news helping our rival school’s faculty and parents during the flood. – Lisa Carter, Webmaster/Database Manager, Hammond School

Taking Care of Our Seniors:

Every day we deliver 4,000+ meals to homebound seniors! – Jacqueline Armstrong, Development Officer, Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston



Every day, you inspire us.

Every day, you help good take over.


Michael Beahm is Customer Advocate Marketing Manager at Blackbaud and manages the Blackbaud Champions program. In his spare time, Michael is husband, father of two boys, runner, and a coffee-holic. Connect with him on twitter @mabeahm.

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