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@BBInteractive is Back, and It’s Better Than Ever!

By on Jun 2, 2015



There are many reasons I feel lucky to work for Blackbaud, but by far the biggest reason is the group of people I have the pleasure of working with.  As part of the success services team, I have the fortune of working with the very best and brightest online fundraising, web design, social media, open source development and digital marketing professionals in the world—all rolled up under one amazing team called Blackbaud Interactive @BBinteractive.

You may have noticed that @BBInteractive has taken a bit of a hiatus from social posting this past year, but we’re back and better than ever…and we think you’ll find that the content we’re planning to send your way will be useful, credible, and will help take your online marketing and fundraising to new heights!

@BBInteractive is back!

We’ve gathered the best digital minds from our success services team, who are geared 100% towards the success of our nonprofit customers, and we’ve asked them to blog, tweet and share their knowledge.  While we won’t talk software, we WILL talk best practices, ideas, recent successes from other nonprofits and other ideas you can use, learn from and implement at your organization to improve how you’re marketing and fundraising online.

Follow @BBinteractive to see what we’re up to.

Meet the team!

You may recognize past favorite contributors like @MikeSnusz, a renowned industry expert, specializing in online fundraising growth, SEO, social media, social advertising and email fundraising. Mike speaks at industry conference regularly and writes thought-provoking fundraising blogs like “Is December Really the Best Month for Fundraising Emails?”

Or Ben Wong (@bunmun), a digital design expert who started his career as a real life famous rock star (no joke) who has since channeled his creative energy into online storytelling and web design to drive fundraising and engagement for nonprofits.  He contributed to the previously published web design eBook that you should check out if you haven’t already.

While the team is the real brains behind the operation, I’ve even written a blog or two in the past on nonprofit digital strategy – check out Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Online Fundraising, an oldie but goodie!  I and the other 20+ experts on the team plan to contribute much more rambling and musing on design, fundraising and marketing strategy this year as well.

Please join us for the ride.  We know you won’t be disappointed, and we hope that a nugget or two will bring your fundraising strategy more success this year…and that you’ll share your story with us!  Let’s start the Interactive Conversation.

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Kelley Jarrett has built her professional career around a combined passion for creating compelling marketing strategies and helping nonprofits achieve optimal mission impact. Prior to her current role as head of marketing for Blackbaud Nonprofit Solutions, Kelley served in many service-oriented positions at Blackbaud as a solutions consultant, solutions engineer, and in customer success leadership, learning first-hand of the challenges and opportunities nonprofits face, and helping to create solutions for success. Kelley enjoys balancing her home life, living near the beach in Charleston, SC as a wife and mother to 2 independent girls, with her passion for social good, both at Blackbaud and as a Board Director of Palmetto Goodwill.

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