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Activating the Millennial Generation

By on Apr 29, 2015



Consider this: Within the next 10 years, Millennials will be the leaders of your company or organization.

I hope this doesn’t scare you, because once you get past some of the negative propaganda surrounding this generation, you’ll find a passionate group of people who are driven by a desire to do good and make a difference.

Millennials are on track to make up 80% of the global workforce by 2020. Their buying power is enormous, and their preferences are quickly becoming more than just trends: They’re becoming the norm.

But many professionals in the cause space see Millennials as a mass of mere cause enthusiasts. With their collective excitement and enthusiasm for doing good, does it really matter if they don’t act? Are organizations turning this generation’s heightened interest in causes into action for the betterment of the people they serve?

Thankfully, thousands of movements are successfully activating Millennial cause enthusiasts, converting them into donors, volunteers and outspoken advocates for a cause.

MCON is an annual event that highlights these movements and proves how the Millennial generation is actively shaping our communities and world. Year after year, MCON proves to be an unforgettable experience for artists, media, social entrepreneurs, corporate, nonprofit and public leaders, and passionate people from across the country. Through noteworthy speakers who are part of these causes, MCON attendees discover how the next generation is influencing their world and the way they operate within in.

In that spirit, MCON 2015 will focus on the idea of influence, specifically the people and ideas that influence us in the areas of art, media business and place:

  • Art: Designers and artists whose projects are increasing awareness and inspiring action.
  • Media: Journalists and producers representing both digital and traditional media who are highlighting social issues.
  • Business: Companies and leaders who are transforming old business models.
  • Place: Civic and cause activists who are driving community or cultural change.

Who comes to MCON? Each year, MCON brings together people from all over the country and a wide range of industries, backgrounds and generations.

You won’t want to miss MCON if you are a:

  • Cause marketer looking to build an effective platform for moving individuals from cause enthusiasm to action.
  • Cause leader seeking to change your organizational culture to inspire engagement by a new generation of cause enthusiast by enhancing current avenues for involvement.
  • Cause enthusiast looking to embark on a personal journey of social good you haven’t yet defined.

The 15,000 online attendees and the hundreds who get the chance to attend MCON in person all leave with a strong grasp of how today’s causes must respond to the growing trend of social do-gooders who want to donate their time, skill and passion, but who lack the know-how to move people from enthusiasm to meaningful action.

MCON 2015 is happening June 24-25 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. You can join us in person or online by registering at The speakers and participants in this year’s event are already making it the premier conference for social good.

Will you join us?


Derrick Feldmann is the founder and producer of MCON, the nation’s premier conference on Millennials and causes. He leads research for The Millennial Impact Project and serves as president of Achieve, a research and creative agency for causes.

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