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Activating the Generation of Do-Gooders: MCON 2016

By on Apr 25, 2016


It’s hard to read a business article or research synopsis today without seeing the word “Millennial” – but why is that?

Like with generations past, Millennials (born 1980-2000) are the “it” audience right now. They’ve overtaken all other generations in terms of population in the United States, and they’ve recently surpassed Baby Boomers to become the largest generation in the workforce.

But also like generations past, Millennials do things differently. They want different perks from their employers; they donate and volunteer differently from their predecessors; they spend money and get involved and use technology differently than has ever been done before. And as the largest generation in the country, they’re the ones setting the expectations and making the rules (or will be soon).

Unlike some articles that term this audience the “Me” or selfish generation, our extensive research on this generation’s attitudes and behaviors toward cause engagement show, simply put, that Millennials have an affinity for “doing good.” This generation isn’t just a group of people you should solicit for money at the end of the year – it’s the generation who is starting new causes and movements and who will soon be leading your organization’s efforts.

Our research allows us to better understand this generation’s behaviors, which helps Millennials get more involved with institutions and institutions get more involved with Millennials. Even deeper, this research helps institutions turn Millennials’ interests in a cause into action for a cause.

Millennials want to do good. When that desire to do good interacts with a cause’s mission, both entities benefit. And that’s why this research is so crucial: We must understand how this demographic moves from having an interest to taking action so Millennials work alongside institutions instead of independently.

And the best place to activate this generation of do-gooders is MCON 2016.

MCON is the ultimate conference for people who give a damn about social change and want to turn their interest into action. This year’s event is three days of top-notch speakers, panelists, events and networking opportunities designed to put you in the right room with the right people to help you launch or grow your cause like never before. After a day at MCON, you’ll find the inspiration to take the next step and push your passion forward.

So what’s new in 2016? Well, a lot.

The location.

MCON 2016 is located at the National Geographic campus in the heart of Washington, D.C. As a unique political backdrop that has long informed and shaped our social movements and culture, DC inspires us to create our own future.

The content.

The content in this year’s event is focused around eight themes:

  • Inclusive entrepreneurship
  • For-profits for good
  • Exploration
  • Public service
  • Tech
  • Creativity
  • Social Justice
  • Leadership

These topics start the conversation for cause enthusiasts, activists and problem-solvers to break down barriers and move today’s most important causes forward.

The politics & events.

We couldn’t be in D.C. during an election year without talking about politics! 2016 marks the first-ever Political Town Hall, presented by MCON’s premier media partner, The Washington Post. This two-hour bipartisan forum is where your voice will be heard as panelists address the main issues facing Millennial voters and what steps can be taken to address those issues.

Finish out each day at MCON 2016 with parties and events guaranteed to build your network and get your adrenaline pumping.

The speakers.

Our lineup is ever growing. Take inspiration and action items from sessions, keynotes and panelists like Jean Case (the Case Foundation), Kevin Cleary (Clif Bar & Company), Ryan Scott (Causecast), Miki Agrawal (Thinx), Laurindo Garcia (B-Change Group), Erin Spencer (National Geographic) and more.


MCON is your chance to connect with like-minded individuals of all ages and industries, where you have the freedom to discuss the topics that make your heart beat faster. If you’re attending in person, you’ll have access to a smaller, more personal setting. If you’re tuning in online, you’ll still have the chance to get involved by asking the speakers questions via social Q & A.

Inspired by millennials’ proven desire to come together for the common good and grounded in research from The Millennial Impact Project, MCON helps people understand the best approaches to cultivating interest and involvement of the next generation of do-gooders and corporations who want to donate their time, skill, passion and/or funds to a cause.

Whether a student, entrepreneur, businessperson, filmmaker, fashion designer or artist, or simply a curious and caring mind, MCON is your opportunity to use your creativity to spark action.

Register today at


Derrick Feldmann is the founder and producer of MCON, the nation’s premier conference on Millennials and causes. He leads research for The Millennial Impact Project and serves as president of Achieve, a research and creative agency for causes.

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