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7 Nonprofits that Inspired Us in 2013 and How Your Favorite Nonprofit Can Make the List this Year.

By on Aug 4, 2014


This is a guest post by Bill Fryman. Bill is Blackbaud’s corporate communications manager. His passion for communications extends to speech writing, blogging, newsletters, and, sadly, bad puns. He avoids clichés like the plague and is finally coming around to the Oxford comma. The best part of his job is getting to showcase Blackbaud’s amazing clients and the valuable work they do.


For all the good they do, nonprofits deserve recognition.

They feed the hungry, provide medicine for the sick, shelter the homeless, educate our youth, protect the environment, prevent animal cruelty, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For all the amazing work they do, they deserve to be recognized.  And that is the whole point of the Impact Awards: recognizing nonprofits that use technology to make our world a better place.

Last year, 7 organizations were recognized at bbcon. Here are their inspiring stories:

  • Most Impactful Use of Blackbaud Technology – Human Rights Campaign – The Human Rights Campaign enhanced the national dialogue on marriage equality with a social media campaign that took over the Internet. Read the case study.
  • Best Interactive Campaign – Heifer International – Heifer International needed to develop a fundraising campaign that would stand out among others and engage donors during the busy 2012 holiday season. They created a series of customized communications with constituents and potential donors, and increased holiday donations of 28 percent. Read the case study.
  • Best Use of Interactive Technology – The Tenement Museum – The Tenement Museum needed a system that could collect visitor information for future follow up while making the booking process easy and seamless, both online and onsite. By merging its CRM system with an interactive system, patrons were able to book space on tours in real time which eliminated double-bookings and improved the overall visitor experience. Read the case study.
  • Best Use of Peer-to-Peer/Special Events – Central Parks Conservancy – Central Park Conservancy wanted to build its acquisition base by increasing the percentage of its local supporters living in buildings adjacent to and near the park. By launching peer-to-peer fundraising events it was able to host multiple parties in buildings adjacent to the Park which allowed for more than 1,500 attendees to be exposed to its mission and provided them with the chance to donate. Read the case study.
  • Best Use of Integrated Marketing – ANERA – Due to the influx of new refugees from Syria to Lebanon’s refugee camps, ANERA had to raise funds quickly to respond to the increased need of essential supplies. The organization used multiple communication channels and technology services to request donations across all platforms which resulted in raising over $5 million worth of medicine and health care supplies. Read the case study.
  • Best Use of Analytics – St. Joseph’s Indian School – St. Joseph’s Indian School wanted to determine which group of donors it should focus on for renewals, reactivation, sustainers, and major gifts. Using a wide array of tools, the organization analyzed historic and current giving trends across all channels to better identify and define groups of donors which allowed them to tailor programs and campaigns for each group. Read the case study.
  • Best Use of CRM  Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) – ELCA needed to reconcile its constituent records from events into a single, up-to-date database so it could better track and analyze attendance at affiliated events. Using the customizable features of Blackbaud CRM, ELCA was able to efficiently capture information for more than 2,000 attendees at its largest event, move their information into a central database and share information on constituents across the organization. Read the case study.

This year, the 2014 Impact Awards will be announced in Nashville, TN at the Blackbaud Conference for Nonprofits. We hope you’ll join us and give the 2014 winners the round of applause that they so well deserve.

Do you know of an organization that deserves to be recognized this year? Nominate them for an Impact Award!


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