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Do you want to change the world? Prove it.

By on Apr 22, 2014


Do you want to change the world?

Such is the call of a recent integrated marketing campaign launched by Mission of Hope, Haiti (MOH). For the past fifteen years, MOH Founders Brad and Vanessa Johnson have indeed been changing the world, dedicating their lives to save tens of thousands of children in poverty-stricken Haiti. To date, approximately 70,000 children and students have received daily meals, 6,000 children have been educated, 430 families have been provided long-term housing and 6,000 children have attended MOH’s Vacation Bible School program. Hefty numbers, to say the least.

Looking for Sponsors

Mission of Hope currently has 7,700 students enrolled in its network of schools across Haiti, 2,000 more than they had the year before. Through MOH’s program, each of these students is provided for by a “sponsor,” who, by donating $35 a month, can help provide for the needs and education for one individual child. In return, the sponsor receives pictures from his or her child throughout the year, as well as a report card of the child’s school process. Also, the sponsor can correspond with the child through letters. Unfortunately, the need grows and Mission of Hope, Haiti is facing a problem that is no small endeavor. Of the 7,700 students enrolled across Haiti, 2,800 still need sponsors. How do you tackle a challenge of this size, especially when so much is on the line?

The Integrated Campaign

To further child sponsorships, Mission of Hope recently launched a 3 week integrated digital campaign, coordinating hashtags, Facebook and Twitter cover photos, posts and email blasts to drive traffic towards its newly revamped website in hopes of recruiting new sponsors. An email blast sets the tone for each week, social profile photos change, and tweets and Facebook posts follow the cadence. Each post features a different tracking link to MOH’s sponsorship catalog to help the group measure originating website traffic and campaign ROI.

This integrated campaign for the Mission of Hope is a well-oiled machine. Though there are no hard numbers as of right now as the campaign is in full swing. Rest assured, children will be sponsored.


Lessons for All

When asked what sorts of lessons had been learned thus far in the integrated campaign, Mission of Hope provided four key takeaways that could great advice for other NGOs.

  • Have a well laid out execution plan.
  • Track your links so you can see where your traffic is coming from.
  • Coordinate your staff and contacts to spread the word about your campaign through their own personal social media accounts.
  • Encourage your constituents to share their personal stories. These can be encouraging to both you and to those who you are trying to reach.

So, again, do you want to change the world? Through a well-executed marketing campaign, Mission of Hope is challenging YOU to #ChangeOneLife and ensure #everychild a quality life and a quality education.


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