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Twitter Makes Profile Updates

By on Apr 30, 2014


If Abraham Lincoln tweeted out the Gettysburg Address, this is as far as he would have gotten:

abe lincoln

Ever since the days of the great philosophers of old, man has prided himself on using long-winded speeches and persuasive rhetoric to sway popular opinion.  However, ever since March of 2006, the tide has somewhat turned.

Here in 2014, man speaks in blurbs.  And I’ve been trained to think in blurbs.  Blurbs consisting of 140 characters, to be exact.  And, typically today, for marketers to reach the broader American audience, they also need to speak in these blurbs – which makes the new Twitter layout such a welcome update.

Twitter Gets a New Do

For those of you who haven’t yet heard, your Twitter profile page just got a facelift, and many think that Twitter seems to have “borrowed” (to put it nicely) elements from other rival social networks to revamp its look.  Now, you can make whatever assumptions you wish as far as where Twitters ideas came from; however one thing is for certain – the new Twitter layout has successfully made the social network extremely conducive to online marketing.

Let’s run through some of these new features and then we will discuss the implications that these features can have on your nonprofit Twitter homepage.

  • The Large Cover Photo – Twitter is now allowing all of its users to assign a large cover photo to each user’s profile homepage, much like another social network that will go unannounced but whose name involves something that hurts when it is punched combined with a word that Nicholas Sparks has unnecessarily written a lot of.
  • Pinned Tweets – The social network is now allowing users to “pin” their favorite or most notable tweets to the top of the normal Twitter feeds featured on their profile pages, so that individuals who are viewing these pages will first see these notable tweets before seeing these users’ actual most recent tweets.  Pinning things… What a novel idea.
  • Best Tweets – In Twitter’s defense, THIS is definitely an original idea… And a good one.  Twitter has decided to inflate the font size of tweets that have performed better than others based on number of favorites and retweets.  This pulls viewers’ attentions to certain tweets over others, which is a good thing because these “bigger” tweets most likely have more engaging content than their “smaller” counterparts.
  • Newly Designed Follower/Following List – Twitter has decided to list out all of your Follower/Following user lists in Mashable-esque format, with a box representing each user in a never-ending feed.  This is a nice change of pace from the normal, somewhat boring list format.
  • Filtering Tweets – Users can now filter which tweets they want to see from your Twitter feed.  Users can filter based on whether they want to see tweets, tweets and replies, and tweets with photo and video.

So what does this mean for marketers and nonprofits?

  • Streamlined Integrated Campaigns – If you find yourself running an integrated marketing campaign across multiple social media platforms, the cover photo feature will now allow your campaign to seem more streamlined cross-platform.  For example, the cover photo for your campaign that you use in Facebook can also be used in Twitter (and vice versa).  Also, the “pinned tweets” feature will allow you to “pin” tweets surrounding your current integrated marketing campaign to the top of your tweet feed, allowing constituents to see the tweets that matter most to you at any given time.
  • Push Engaging Content – Pay attention to which tweets of yours are more popular than others by keeping an eye on the new tweet size feature.  Not only can you “pin” these popular tweets to the top, but you can also strategize and plan more tweets and content that resemble that which your constituents liked most.  As I’ve said before, social media is a two-way street.  Produce content that your listeners want to hear, and you’ll experience social media success.
  • See Who’s Listening – As your cause gets larger on social media channels, it’s often difficult to keep up with who is actually listening to you.  With Twitter’s new Follower/Following format, it’s going to be easier (and less mundane) for you to go through and see who your audience actually is and, therefore, strategize as to how exactly you can best meet their needs.
  • Be Visual – With Twitter’s new filtering feature, now more than ever it is important for you to pay attention to the visual aspects of your posting behavior.  Make sure the tweets you are sending out that have visuals are actually visually engaging, otherwise those pictures you’re not really that proud of are going to be more easily accessible for the entire world to see.

This Twitter facelift is going to change the game for marketing a business on this 140-character social media platform.  These 4 simple implications for marketers is simply scratching the surface of the implications that the new layout brings to the table.

Twitter has already started pushing out this profile update, but if you have not yet received the update and would like to, visit the link here. Twitter’s new look has definitely caused some mixed reactions.  What do you think about the new look and feel?

abe lincoln tweet to george



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