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The Fire Has Been Lit! The Importance of Making Your Site Mobile Friendly

By on Jun 10, 2015


Google's Algorithm Change

You’re probably thinking “oh look, another blog post on responsive design with statistics and flashy words like “optimization” and “analytics”—I better bookmark this one and read it sometime…”

Before you bookmark this post for “later” reading, however, I would encourage you to pause for a moment. See, the difference with this post is that I’m not just another Interactive Specialist harping on the importance of mobile optimization in the hopes you’ll sign a nice new contract for services. No, the difference this time is the 1,300lbs gorilla in the room that just came down on the side of mobile optimization—that gorilla being Google.

What did Google do?

What hasn’t Google done? They have a car that drives itself for goodness sake. However, when it comes to your site’s search rankings, what Google has done is changed their search algorithm on mobile devices to down rank sites that are not “mobile friendly”. What this means for you is that the proverbial fire has just been lit beneath you—your site needs to be mobile friendly, or you are going to find your reach start to contract.

Did you know users are now spending upwards of 60% of their Internet time on mobile devices?

Yes, its true—a recent study has shown that not only is the majority of Internet traffic generated from mobile devices, but that users are spending an increasing amount of their Internet time on mobile devices and in apps. This simply continues to support the trend lines that we in the industry have seen for awhile—mobile has become the primary method of browsing the web. Prior to Google’s algorithm change, this was a useful statistic, but it didn’t mean your users were going to have any harder time finding your site.

With this change however, your users will have a harder time finding their way to your site, as Google will be able to judge your site as “mobile friendly” or not, and down-rank your site accordingly.

If that isn’t compelling enough, this change will hit your giving as well.

A recent Blackbaud Study has shown that client sites that embraced responsive designs and methodologies saw significantly better conversions online than non-responsive sites.  Mobile giving forms made the experience of giving online substantially easier, and allowed for impulse giving in a way that non-responsive forms simply cannot do. So, you combine this information with the algorithm change from Google and you have a pretty compelling case being made– the time is now to get mobile optimized.

What are your next steps?

Get your site onboard with Google’s algorithm changes and the overall trends of mobile browsing. Up to this point, this has been a strong suggestion— now, it is a necessity.

  • Read more about Google’s changes here.
  • Test your site to see if Google thinks it is mobile friendly or not. Utilize their free tool here.
  • And of course, reach out to your Blackbaud Account Executive to learn how our suite of online solutions can help you get optimized!

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