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Show Off Your Brand To Maximize Your Integrated Campaign

By on Jan 17, 2013


The end of year fundraising has wrapped up and many of you are starting to gear up for launching new initiatives in 2013. Implementing an integrated campaign requires a good deal of discipline and focus and it is where branding comes in at full speed. An effective integrated campaign is all about communicating your brand, which is what, exactly?

Your brand is not your logo or your colors. It is not your name or the services or products that you offer. Your brand is the feeling your constituents have when they think of you; it’s not what you say it is, but what they say it is. Sounds tricky but don’t worry, there are steps you can follow to ensure a seamless experience for your constituents.

  1. Maintain the same brand tone.
    Whether you are looking at advertising, social media, PR, direct marketing or online communications, make sure that all of your communications reflect the tone of your brand. Some organizations may have a more direct, conversational tone if that’s how their audiences communicate, while others will have a more professional or traditional tone that’s more appropriate to their supporters.
  2. Be transparent and show the impact.
    Like I said earlier, your brand is an emotion that your constituents have when they think or talk about you. You can only build trust with your supporters if they know exactly what you do and how you do it. Show them the kind of impact they’ve helped you make in the past year and how you plan on making an even better use of the funds with the success of this campaign. Make them proud!
  3. Communicate the basics.
    Every organization has a distinct brand essence, the unifying idea behind everything you do, and a brand promise. Not every organization, however, remembers to convey that in all of their communications. Remind the existing supporters who you really are and educate your new donors on your promise to them.

I know that planning an integrated nonprofit campaign is not a walk in the park but these three simple steps will keep all of your communications unified and that, in return, will maximize their effectiveness. Happy campaigning!


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