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The Ultimate Guide to Great Nonprofit Web Design

By on May 15, 2014 | NONPROFIT-MARKETING


I recently published the last post in my series about the nonprofit web design process and thought it would be helpful to have a final summary for the entire series. Enjoy!

  1. Stakeholder Discovery: How we structure stakeholder meetings, what topics we discuss and some tips for leading discovery conversations
  2. User Research
    • Analytics data as User Research: Timeframe for which to review analytics data and some specific research questions to drive data analysis
    • Surveys and Interviews: Which research technique to choose, how to recruit participants and what questions to ask
    • Card Sorts: What type of card sorts to conduct, how to recruit participants and how to decide what cards to use
    • Usability Tests: Types of usability tests you can conduct, participant recruiting, task definition and creating a prototype
    • Personas: Process for developing personas, what information to include and some example personas
  3. Content Strategy: How the content inventory and audit serve as the foundation for the content strategy and a description of other deliverables that we might produce during this phase
  4. Information Architecture
    • Site maps: How we create research-based site maps and special considerations for nonprofits when developing site maps
    • Wireframes: Deciding which wireframes to create, positioning of global elements and tools that are useful in creating wireframes
  5. Visual Design: How we articulate the creative vision for the site and combine the aesthetic with the solid foundation of User Research and Information Architecture
  6. Solution Design: Defining the technical configuration details of the site in preparation for build

I hope this series has been useful to you! I have enjoyed writing it and know I’ll be referencing individual posts often when describing different phases of our process to clients and prospective clients.

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Lacey Kruger, principal information architect for Blackbaud, works with nonprofit clients to design online properties that work. Whether a full-scale website, a campaign site or a mobile app, Lacey guides clients through a research-based and user-centered approach to design. In her 10+ years at Blackbaud, she has developed a deep understanding of nonprofit web presences. That knowledge, along with her years of experience in information design, have established her as an industry expert.

Lacey has written a Blackbaud eBook, “A Guide to the Nonprofit Web Design Process” and her article, “Designing Nonprofit Experiences: Building a UX Toolkit” was published in User Experience magazine. She has presented at industry conferences including bbcon, IA Summit and BIG Design. When she’s not working, Lacey loves to cook and also enjoys yoga, watching movies and catching alligators (really!).

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