So long, boys! I'll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!” | npENGAGE

“So long, boys! I’ll send you a postcard from Paradise Falls!”

By on Dec 18, 2012


When I saw this picture on Pinterest recently, I almost fell off my couch in a fit of little- kid- cuteness- shock and awe. I also thought to myself, “Some people have all the good ideas.”

In case you don’t immediately know the movie reference from the photo- the cute kid in the picture is dressed up for Halloween as the main character from the Pixar movie “Up”. (Love that movie!)

I was so moved by the photo that I instantly emailed it to some friends who have little boys, tweeted it, and showed it to my boyfriend.

Now, imagine if this photo was connected to a campaign for an organization that raised money to send children in need balloons on their birthday. It would have been a great use of Pinterest to generate excitement and buzz for the (nonprofits) mission.  Just as one user, I shared it three different ways. If 1000 people did what I did (and the image linked back to a donation form) you can see how effective it would have been! Sharing is contagious and you don’t need a vaccine. All you need is opportunity.

So, when you are integrating social media strategy to your campaign, there are some easy things you can do to help your message go up, up and away!

  1. Provide access. Don’t leave off social media buttons from your email. Make sure people can pin, tweet, like (etc) from your landing page. Link to your site from your social networks. This creates a nice circle of connectivity for your campaign.
  2. Encourage people to share. Sometimes people need a little push. Let them know you want them to share. Include a little note underneath a compelling photo with some direction.
  3. Make sure its mobile friendly. This is so important this time of year! People are on the go, so make sure they can share from their phone!
  4. Make it fun. You never know where a clever saying or great idea (ie: the costume) may come from. Don’t be afraid to get ideas from your followers. Inspiration can come from anywhere and those folks may be able to help you get your message out.

What adventure will your organization be taking on in the New Year? (Balloons and kids in cute costumes optional).


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