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Weekly Nonprofit Roundup: Infographics, Effective Email Campaigns, and Online Fundraising

By on Aug 11, 2013


Weekly nonprofit content marketing update

Ahh, Sunday, we meet again. Another week is coming to a close. Sigh.

Is it just me, or is each week feeling shorter than the last? I begin every Monday as if the clock has started over and I have all the time in the world to get things done, tackle new projects, or create something remarkable- but by week’s end, I’m left wondering- “where has all the time gone?”.

I know I’m not alone here. We ALL need more time. More time to execute on a project, more time to craft an engaging email, more time to prepare for the annual event, more time with our families…You get the point.

With all of the demand that accompanies your day to day responsibilities, I can imagine that spending time during your week perusing industry content and research often takes a back seat.

It’s my hope that this new weekly roundup will make staying up to date on the latest and greatest, brought to us by nonprofit thought leaders and industry professionals, just a little easier.

Sip your coffee. Put your feet up. I’ll bring it all to you. Oh, and make sure to let me know what you’d like more of … I’m on twitter – @MaddieTplease

This Week’s Nonprofit Highlights

  1. The Fundraising Coach, Marc Pitman, takes a dive into the findings of Blackbaud’s Next Generation of American Giving Study and suggests 3 key take aways in his post: Baby boomers most generous- Gen Y most like to increase donations. (If you haven’t already, go ahead and check out the Next Generation of American Giving Infographic).
  2.  Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog  highlights the hashtags that every nonprofit should be using: Nonprofit Hashtags You Should Keep an Eye On.
  3. The Planned Giving Blogger, Phylis Freedman, shares ideas on launching a planned giving program for prospect audiences: Planed Giving When There Is No Annual Fund.
  4. Farra Trompeter makes a guest appearance John Haydon’s blog and shares 12 Ways to Make Your Multichannel Campaign Stand Out and invites you to register for her websem.
  5. On npEngage, Mike Snusz writes on the 3 Key Pieces In an Engaging Email Campaign, to help you meet the growing expectations of constituents for relevant and interesting information in every email.
  6. Working in the nonprofit industry isn’t easy or glamorous, which is something Leah Neaderthal and Leanne Pittsford know all too well. Their new blog, When You Work At A Nonprofitwon’t give you ideas for how to increase major giving or execute a flawless email campaign, but there’s a really good chance it will give you a laugh and, hopefully, brighten your day.

Let’s keep in touch …

Enjoy your last few hours of relaxation before the new week arrives. See you next Sunday? Same time, Same place. I’ll be here.

Until then, let’s chat on Twitter @MaddieTplease



Madeline Turner is a social media expert, and was formerly the online and social marketing manager at Blackbaud. Prior to running Blackbaud’s social media and thought leadership blog npENGAGE, Madeline worked as a managing editor for Blackbaud’s content marketing program. It is her goal to create content and share ideas that challenge the status quo of the nonprofit industry. When Madeline isn’t tweeting or writing blog posts, you can find her drinking coffee out of her ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ mug, wearing giant headphones and singing off-key.

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