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How To Use Social Media To Raise Brand Awareness and Drive Donations

By on Feb 19, 2013


Almost every nonprofit I’ve ever worked with has some sort of a presence in social media, be it Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, to name a few. Most organizations may not have a strong strategy behind it but they feel that it is important to maintain those relationships with their audiences since that’s how they tend to communicate today. The truth is you can turn your social media routine into a revenue generating opportunity for your organization by following a few simple steps.

Offer Choices

Personally, Twitter does not reflect my communication style and is not my preferred social media channel but I do like Facebook. It is important to understand how your audiences communicate with you and offer them a variety of social media options to access information about you on regular basis. Make sure that you post the same information on all of your pages just to cover your bases with people like me. You can use free tools, like HootSuite that will save you a ton of time by managing and scheduling posts to all of your social media pages.

Build Brand Awareness

Social media is the perfect tool for you to reach all types of audiences and give them a 360° look at your brand. Be sure to use a communication style that’s consistent with your brand guidelines in order not to confuse your constituents to brag about your achievements, thank them for their donations and time and motivate them to take action. Building those strong relationships based on interaction is going to be possible if you give your audiences means to communicate with you through multiple social media channels.

Start A Conversation

It’s easy to get into the routine of just pushing content into your social media pages but opening a dialogue with your readers will pay off. Try and stimulate the users by asking a question or posting content that is going to require the users to react. This strategy will help you raise awareness and increase revenue.

Set Up Shop

Let’s say your 5K run is coming up in three months and you are ready to start talking about it. Set up a way for your audiences to immediately access donation and registration options right on your Facebook page. To engage the users and motivate them to take action, keep them excited by posting updates about the event and stories about real-people that will be impacted by their donations.

Use Social Media As A Retention Tool

Once an event is over, all you want to do is stop talking about it because that’s all you’ve been doing for the past months. I get it but the worst thing you can do is to drop the conversation. Try to keep the excitement going on your social media pages and transition the users to the new initiative in order to keep them involved and engaged with your brand.


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