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Better, Smarter, Cheaper

By on Apr 14, 2011


It’s always been important that you were creative and effective with your direct mail efforts but with postage rates going up on Sunday, now it’s more important than ever. Have no fear! Convio and our community are here to help you make your mailings better, smarter and heck, maybe even cheaper. Just check out this great list of ideas from our collective brainstorm.

Turn blasting into targeting by focusing on micro decisions. –James Taylor, Decision Management Solutions

At my last position, we did a big holiday direct mail campaign where we used a clear/see-through envelope. That allowed folks to see right away that it was a colorful, image-heavy piece from us, an organization they know and trust. HUGE response rates over the previous year. Clear envelopes are more expensive, but were easily offset by the funds we raised.  –Andrew Buck, Convio

Take advantage of your online presence as an acquisition channel. People who register on your web site, sign-up for email, respond to online surveys, or take advocacy action online provide a pool of warm prospects for direct mail fundraising, potentially helping you reduce traditional acquisition costs. Also, try boosting response rates by bookending your direct mail appeals with email prompts to your mail audience.  –Watt Hamlett, Convio

I think the biggest things for me are humor and fun give aways.  I almost always throw the other direct mail pieces into the recycling bin, but when you include note cards that I can use to write thank you notes or send birthday cards… or you have something particularly witty on the envelope I am more likely to open it.  –Emily Goodstein, Convio

Always include a short, interesting tagline on the outside envelope. make sure to use a salutation in the letter, never Dear Friend (ever). And remember white space, too much content and you’re entire package will get tossed. –Danielle Johnson, Convio

Consider using a self-mailer instead of an envelope to reduce paper costs. Girl Scouts of Central Texas used this tactic with their Women of Distinction event.  –Me (Cheryl), Convio



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