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To Act Nationally or Globally, Think Locally

By on Apr 10, 2013


susie gordon

By Susie Gorden, Congressional Management Foundation


Sometimes the best way to make a nationwide or global impact starts closer to home, maybe right in your backyard.

We all know the value of building relationships with Members of Congress and local legislators. But what is the best way to break through and truly demonstrate your impact where it matters most?

Advocacy StatsResearch by the Congressional Management Foundation (CMF) shows that Members of Congress view visits to local facilities as one of the most valuable ways to collect constituent views and opinions – more than any other source of information!

And yet, how do these events happen? How do groups entice a Member of Congress to attend a local event or meet with key stakeholders? And what are the logistics involved to ensure that the site visit is a success?

CMF’s Brad Fitch and Susie Gorden – both former congressional staffers– will walk you through the steps to inviting legislators and reporters to learn about your issues, all while creating a powerful personal experience in your state or district.

Join us online on April 23rd to learn:

  • What are the key steps and timeline for setting up a local event with a legislator?
  • Who should be invited from our community and what role should they play in the event?
  • What are the “magic words” to include in an invite to a Member of Congress?
  • How to pitch local reporters on attending an event?

If you’re in the DC Area, meet us for coffee, networking and learning at the Blackbaud Office in Foggy Bottom.  RSVP Today!


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