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The Dog Days of Summer

By on Jul 13, 2012


The summer can be a tough time of year to stay motivated and full of inspiration. As fundraisers, our organizations count on us to deliver creative, successful campaigns year round. But the heat and visions of clear blue water in your head may leave you day dreaming at your desk.

I understand.

I work in Charleston, SC. While we do have a nice coastal breeze, temperatures still hover around 100 degrees in the summer and they are usually coupled with a high humidity. This high heat index cocktail can make you feel sluggish all around.

Even the best fundraisers can experience this dragging mid-summer feeling of being short on patience, energy and inspiration.  The good news is, with a little TLC during the dog days of summer, you can recharge your batteries and brain to reclaim your motivation from the sun. (SPF recommended).

  1. Staff Trip Day: Plan a staff outing that revolves around your mission. If your organization is environmental, take a day to kayak or hike. Appreciate what you work so hard to preserve. If your group raises money to feed the homeless, volunteer at a shelter for the morning, make lunches and connect with those who need your help. Their stories will fuel your tank with passion and drive.
  2. Take a vacation day: Seen all the commercials telling you to reclaim your vacation days? Well, that’s a good idea. Taking some personal time off is a no-brainer and the break will recharge the batteries.  Take a notebook with you in case an idea pops into your head while you are on the beach.
  3. When in doubt, ask: Research shows that organizations that ask for ideas, ways to improve, and evaluations outperform groups that skip this step. You never know- your next great campaign idea, could be just a suggestion box away.
  4. Get social: Not just online, get out into your community and interact with other organizations and people. Attend a networking happy hour. Great strategic partnerships can be made with a “hello!” and a cool beverage of choice.

What other tricks have you tried in the summer to re-energize or find inspiration? Share your ideas below!


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  • Samantha says:

    Thank you Adrienne!  So far it’s been a very hot summer and I find myself thinking about the pool and not my event… eek!  I love the day trip idea.  I’m going to share it our executive director.  I think it’s what the team needs to help us focus on our event.  thanks!!

  • Adrienne Levy says:

    Glad you found this helpful Samantha! Let us know what your group plans! 

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