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[Infographic] Employees that Train Outperform Others by 45%

By on Feb 4, 2014


This is a Guest Post by Ann Marie Houlihan, a “self-dubbed helper of others” and Channel Marketing Manager at Blackbaud. Ann Marie is a training champion on a quest to ensure all customers are properly using the software they’ve invested in.


How many times to do we mutter “oh my gosh, I need help” to ourselves in the workplace?  More importantly, how many times do your staff members feel this way?

This is a place of desperation and a huge time waster because it sends us into a tizzy of “What do I do?” “How will I meet my deadline?” “Where do I get help?”  And this exercise typically comes to a head at the most inconvenient time.

I have two words for you: PROACTIVE TRAINING.

Let’s not wait until we reach this moment of desperation.  Let’s plan for it in advance.  This isn’t news to most organizations – they actually call it professional development.  But often professional development is filled with milestones and projects.  We often leave formal training off the list because it’s viewed as expensive.

And sadly, in a small non-profit, anything with a price tag can be viewed as expensive.  I understand, I ran a small non-profit myself back in the day.

What if we turned this notion up-side-down and considered it an investment in efficiency? An investment which actually pays for itself?  Well, as countless studies have shown, training DOES pay for itself. See below.

Check out this Training ROI Inphographic


Investing in training is completely linked to your success – in all industries!

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are there processes in your organization that you know in your gut should be easier?
  • Is it a long and painful process to secure reports?
  • Are your reports trustworthy and easy to analyze?
  • Do you find there is duplication in efforts in your organization?

When you sense that things could be easier, you are probably right.  Get to the root cause and make sure that people are properly trained to best use the resources you have made available to them.  It can be training for Microsoft Office, Fundraising Best Practices, Using Social Media, Events or Software.  You can find the solution to your lack of efficiency if you take some time to investigate where the problem is and find the right training to address it.

Make the investment and take comfort in knowing the dollars will come back to you in time saved and lower staff turn-over.


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