Discover new ways to reach your donors.

The donor marketplace is changing in dramatic ways. Fundraisers need to challenge the status quo and embrace the fundraising tactics that work today, instead of holding on to what worked yesterday.

This report examines giving patterns in the sector and how organizations can respond to this dynamic market.

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Your Guide to Making Data Analytics Work for Your Organization

Find everything you need to take advantage of your data, all in one place. Our 2017 Analytics Toolkit is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide designed to help you take your mission further by evolving your culture around data. With it, you’ll have access to resources helping you achieve higher donation levels, increased donor program efficiency, stronger supporter relationships, and so much more!Get the Guide

Share of the American Wallet: How Discretionary Spending Identifies the Best Donor Prospects

This report dives deep into data from the Census Bureau’s 2014 Consumer Expenditure Survey to determine which discretionary spending habits and characteristics are signals of propensity to make charitable gifts. It explores the key indicators of Age, Education, Household Composition, Income, and Household Spending to determine which characteristics correlate with giving habits.
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npEXPERTS—Fundraising Matters: Building a Culture of Philanthropy

In the newest npEXPERTS eBook, 10 of the brightest minds from across the nonprofit sector share their unique perspectives to help you create a culture of philanthropy—one in which executives, board members, accountants, marketers, and everyone in between understand the importance of your organization’s fundraising success and how they can contribute to it within their unique roles.
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Sustainers in Focus: Part 1

Sustained donors, monthly giving, or recurring giving—whatever you call it—is an important, yet often overlooked, tactic in a fundraising portfolio. Initiating such a program can cause internal strife across teams, necessitate multiple marketing agendas tailored to steward elusive givers, and create technical issues. With this study, learn how expanding recurring revenue can impact your bottom line.
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Sustainers in Focus: Part 2

This highly anticipated Part 2 of the Sustainers in Focus series from the Blackbaud Institute uncovers research-backed best practices for marketing, promoting, soliciting, and fulfilling a sustained giving program. Discover six easy-to-follow strategies proven to produce significant results for organizations across the nonprofit sector.
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Fifth-Annual Charitable Giving Report

Now in its fifth year, the 2016 Charitable Giving Report leverages The Blackbaud Index—which tracks approximately $23 billion in US-based charitable giving—to provide one of the most credible resources on fundraising performance in the social good community. As you’re working day in and day out to make an impact for your cause, we hope this report can help by arming you with the information you need to benchmark your performance and guide your fundraising strategies this year and beyond.
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2016 Luminate Online Benchmark Report

This report is our 10th year of publication. Find detailed analysis and year-over-year comparison data on the performance of nonprofits using Luminate Online. Scroll down to find key takeaways from the report and to use our interactive benchmarking tool to see exactly how you stack up.
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Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study

The Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study analyzes performance of traditional peer-to-peer fundraising events between 2013 and 2015. This year’s Study combines event performance data for 186 organizations using Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser® fundraising solution.
Overall, 2015 was another great year for fundraising. We dug into the data to analyze performance and highlight key trends.
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Philanthropy by the Numbers: The Story Behind the Stats

In this latest npEXPERTS eBook, 11 of the best and brightest minds in philanthropy speak up about what’s happening in the sector today and how these trends are shaping the future. Page by page, they get down to the nitty gritty to reveal the full story behind what they’re seeing in nonprofit leadership, sector diversity, peer-to-peer, advocacy, and more.
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Giving in an Election Year: How Political Giving Impacts Nonprofit Support

Wondering how donor support will fare in the face of federal and presidential political campaign competition? This report dives deep into data from the 2012 presidential race to provide fundraising insight you can use during the 2016 election year, including:
• The charitable giving habits of 400,000 political donors
• How they were changed by the 2012 election cycle
• Surprising demographics to target for outreach in 2016
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Drab to Fab: Peer-to-Peer Event Makeover

In our latest eBook, our team of experts has come together to give you tips and pointers for making over your peer-to-peer fundraising. We’ll help you create strategies that turn heads, grab the attention of your donors, and put all the focus on your mission.
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Making the Case to Nonprofit Leadership: How to Convey and Sell the Need to Invest in Fundraising Technology

Board members and executive leaders look to you for guidance on what technology solutions are needed to further your organization’s mission. But with everything else on your plate, it can be hard to keep up with the latest technology trends and clearly articulate why investment is critical.
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Analytics-Driven Fundraising

Is your database telling you everything it should? What if it could tell you the best prospects to target for major gifts, the right target ask amounts, or which donors are most likely to respond to your campaigns? In our eBook Analytics-Driven Fundraising: Everything You Need to Reach Financial Success, we give you all the information you need to become an analytics-driven organization.
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A Guide to the Nonprofit Web Design Process

A Guide to the Nonprofit Web Design Process is about creating websites to serve real people, based on digital behavior today. Lacey Kruger, along with a team of Blackbaud¹s web design experts, shares a process proven to help nonprofits build websites that drive support for their missions.
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How to Create Fundraising Appeals that Work

The eBook includes real-world examples of successful fundraising appeals, as well as a complete workbook and checklist that will walk you through everything from creating your fundraising campaign theme to tracking your progress and reporting the results.
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Show the Love by npEXPERTS

Leading experts have come together to share fundraising ideas, best practices and years of experience in helping nonprofits boost donor retention. Download the eBook and be sure to put their ideas into practice!
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Cupid’s Arrow by npEXPERTS

Leading experts have come together to share fundraising ideas, best practices and years of experience in helping nonprofits boost donor acquisition. Download the eBook and be sure to put their ideas into practice!
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npEXPERTS: Fundraising Ideas & Marketing Insights for Nonprofits

Nonprofit experts share practical fundraising ideas and online marketing tips. Download the free eBook today to start soaking in the knowledge.
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2013 Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits

To get where you want to be, you need to know where you are today. The 2013 Online Marketing Benchmark Study for Nonprofits can tell you where you are in relation to your peers, what you can be doing better to speed your journey, and provide you with new fundraising ideas for the online space.
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The Constituent Lifecycle: Your Guide to the Donor Experience

In this eighth installment of the Blackbaud Desktop Reference series, you’ll learn the four stages of the donor lifecycle and strategies to connect with and engage supporters in today’s digital world.
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