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Five Recipes for Nonprofit Success on YouTube

By on Jan 21, 2009


Ramya Raghavan, Nonprofits and Activism Manager at YouTube™, recently shared with our Connection newsletter readers a video explaining the five kinds of content that nonprofit organizations might consider creating this year and cites examples of organizations who have executed these types of “recipes” well.

Here’s a quick summary, but be sure to check out the full video — there’s tons of great information packed into 4 minutes!

Through its YouTube Nonprofit Program, the video sharing site YouTube™ has been able to help thousands of organizations fundraise, raise awareness, and spur their supporters to take action on a number of issues both online and offline. However, the common question most nonprofits still ask is “what kind of content performs best on YouTube?” Or put another way, “what content can nonprofits create to help achieve online results?”

While there isn’t one single recipe for success, Ramya’s “top 5” list includes:

  1. The Public Service Announcement (but not your grandma’s PSA!)
  2. The Video Campaign
  3. The Fundraising Appeal
  4. The Training Video
  5. The Serial Vlog (vlog= video blog)

If you’re a Convio client, check out this short YouTube extension demo on how you can easily and seamlessly integrate YouTube video into your online campaigns, websites and other online communications.

And if you have any special content recipes of your own, share them here! 


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