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Your Evolution to Multi-channel

By on Jul 27, 2012


Multi-channel! Multi-channel! Multi-channel!  It’s all the rage but do you know where how close your organization is to achieving it?  We’ve taken a look at what that journey looks like for an organization and have broken it down into 4 major stages: early, traditional, coordinated and optimized – I know, we deserve bonus points for our naming creativity but hopefully they are at least clear!

I’ll go into a high-level view of each of these stages but if you take a quick little quiz to find out where you’re at, you’ll get some really cool action plans for how to get to the next level!

Early Stage: Integration may be a goal but identifying how to get there can be a challenge.

  • Minimal online marketing
  • Calendar-based campaigning
  • Not financially committed to a second channel

Traditional: You’ve moved some efforts online but they may not be coordinated with larger fundraising and communication strategies.

  • Separate team and metrics for online marketing
  • No calendar and/or campaign coordination
  • Second channel constitutes 5-20% direct response revenue
  • Separate databases for online/offline

Coordinated: You’ve conquered the structural challenges and are seeing results but can’t track cause and effect as well as you need to.

  • Thematically integrated, some consolidation of data across channels
  • Shared metrics
  • Limited sensitivity to solicitation frequency
  • Decisioning beyond RFM modeling

Optimized: You’re pushing the envelope but are always looking for ways to increase engagement with your supporters.

  • Unified strategy and real-time data integration
  • Measure success across channels, not by channel
  • Donors’ behaviors and interests drives communication stream
  • Shared budget and resources

And just remember, small changes can equal BIG IMPACT!

Take the multi-channel quiz here!


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