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Year End Resource Roundup

By on Nov 5, 2013


end of year fundraising

end of yearPerhaps you’re almost done with your end of year fundraising prep.  Or maybe you’re just finishing that first brainstorm meeting to map out your December plans?  Either way, I thought a little roundup of my favorite end of year fundraising resources for Luminate Online clients could be helpful.

End of Year One-Stop Shopping

Our Customer Center now has a one stop shopping page featuring all our End of Year best practice goodness. Bookmark it.  Share it with colleagues.  And catch any webinars you may have missed while you’re there.

Year over Year Comparison

Just log into the Luminate Customer Center and scroll over “Free Resources” then scroll to “Monthly Webinars.” Once you’re there, look in the Fundraising section for the webinar called “End-of-Year and Year-Over-Year Donation & Email Reporting.”  The webinar and accompanying Excel templates will help you answer questions like “how are we doing this week compared to the same week last year… and the year before.”  You’ll end up with some pretty well formatted charts and graphs to showcase your findings, too!

Group Rebuilding Specifics

This is an important resource to consider as you craft your end of year strategy.  In the past, we’ve found that complex group rebuilds can contribute to timely send delays which can throw off a delicately choreographed end of year email schedule. Watch this short video about how to avoid send delays caused by group rebuilds.

Year End Fundraising Research

There were a whole bunch of research gems presented at the DC User’s Group in September… but you don’t have to be in DC to check out the data. Just download the slides from the Customer Center and soak it in.  The numbers can be useful if you’re in the process of pitching a new end of year strategy within your organization.

What else do you refer to as you put together your end of year strategy? Share your favorite resources in the comments section of this post!

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