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Wrapping Up Your Fundraising Campaign the Right Way

By on Dec 14, 2015


Year-End Campaign

Tis the season for online fundraising campaigns—Thanksgiving, Giving Tuesday, Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanza, and December 31st— and your email surge is likely just beginning.

Fundraising emails increased 17% last year (and 72% two years ago), according to Luminate Online Benchmark Report.

And your nonprofit is likely sending more year-end emails than it did a few years ago, which can put a major strain on your staff.

And with the frantic pace you’ve probably had the last few weeks—and will undoubtedly have the next few weeks—finding time to send one final email saying thanks and wrapping up the campaign can be difficult.

You’ve poured so much time, energy and brainpower into writing emails that the thought of sending one more can be overwhelming. Especially when that email likely won’t generate donations for this campaign.

But just as presents seem better when they’re wrapped up, so do your fundraising campaigns.

With the flood of fundraising emails your constituents will get from you this holiday season, there needs to be some closure—specifically, a big thank you and celebration of what your donors accomplished.

Many campaigns use matching gifts, goals or other incentives to boost donations. The build up and excitement around reaching these goals can span several emails. To then not tell people how you did leaves them wondering if the goal has been reached. Or worse, questioning how much their gift mattered.

And if that’s the way the campaign ends, then your next campaign goal or incentive may not seem as critical.

Plus, the campaign wrap-up email is one more opportunity to make donors feel great, let them know they’re appreciated and talk about what you now can do.

Like your’s probably were, my inbox was flooded with fundraising emails on Dec. 1st. But all was quiet on Dec. 2nd. Here are the only two GivingTuesday wrap-up emails I received:

PostGT - Thirteen

PostGT - Best Friends

The above emails make you feel good, right? And that’s the point.

And while a campaign wrap-up email may not impact the bottom line of this campaign, it certainly can affect your next one.


Mike Snusz brings 18 years of fundraising experience to his role as a Senior Team Lead on Blackbaud’s Professional Services team. He leads a team of digital consultants and works with nonprofits to improve their digital fundraising, monthly giving, email marketing and peer-to-peer fundraising programs. Prior to Blackbaud, Mike managed the turnaround of the Ride For Roswell from 2003 to 2005 in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. When he’s not contemplating fundraising, Mike enjoys hide and seek, tag, and dance parties with his two kids.

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