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Why Your Healthcare Nonprofit Needs a Written Fundraising Plan to Succeed

By on Feb 5, 2019


Every nonprofit organization – including yours – needs a written fundraising plan in order to be successful.  Whether you are launching a small clinic and have yet to raise a dollar or are a multibillion-dollar research or medical center, you need a fundraising plan to guide your efforts. 

Your healthcare nonprofit’s fundraising plan shouldn’t be “in your head.”  The most successful fundraising organizations create written fundraising plans that outline the strategies they will use to meet their fundraising goals.  These plans become roadmaps for the staff to follow as they hold events, mail out appeal letters, and run online giving campaigns. 

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Here’s why having a written fundraising is so important for your nonprofit: 

1.  A fundraising plan provides organization – a detailed fundraising plan creates organization and order in the chaotic world of nonprofit development. 

2.  A strong plan defines fundraising responsibilities – the fundraising plan determines who does what, and adds accountability to your fundraising efforts. 

3.  Fundraising plans set deadlines – a good fundraising plan tells you when you need the money.  Deadlines help motivate your team to perform. 

4.  Your plan provides a credible fundraising tool – when an investor purchases a business, he or she wants to see the financials that prove the company can be a success.  Often, it’s no different for major donors to your healthcare organization.  Your fundraising plan shows why you need the money and lets your donors know you are serious about your mission. 

5.  A fundraising plan measures your progress – a detailed fundraising plan lets you measure your fundraising progress, thus allowing you to make needed adjustments before it is too late. 


How to Write Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Plan 

The best way to write your fundraising plan is to have one person on your team take ownership.  I have found that writing by committee, where different people write different parts of the plan, produces a disjointed plan where the different strategies don’t work well together. 

The person writing your plan can be a staff member or consultant.  Either way, that person should talk to all of the relevant stakeholders to make sure they have all of the information they need to write the plan.  The plan writer should be prepared to make a number of revisions to the plan after the first draft is presented to the development lead and the organization’s management and board. 

Finally, my suggestion is that your nonprofit gets the board to vote to approve the written fundraising plan.  Doing so will ensure that the board is fully aware of your fundraising strategy for the coming year and supports that strategy.  Board approval will also make it easier to get your board to help with your fundraising when necessary. 

Every healthcare nonprofit needs a written fundraising plan that lays out clear goals, deadlines, and responsibilities to guide their development program and enable them to raise the money they need to carry out their mission and programs.  To learn more, click here to register for our upcoming webinar, “How to Write a Successful Fundraising Plan for Your Healthcare Organization.”



Joe Garecht is a non-profit consultant, author, and speaker, and President of Garecht Fundraising Associates.  Previously, he was the founder of The Fundraising Authority.  He has almost 20 years of fundraising experience as a development director, executive director, and consultant to hundreds of non-profit organizations.  Joe is the author of How to Raise More Money for Any Non-Profit, The Non-Profit Fundraising Formula, and numerous other books on fundraising & philanthropy.  You can get in touch with Joe by visiting his website at Garecht.com.

Comments (3)

  • Karen says:

    Thank you, Joe. Your input is greatly appreciated. I use eTapestry and have a small organization of religious faith. We are a congregation of Sisters, not a church. Will you be hosting a discussion on developing a fundraising plan that leans toward this type of nonprofit? Do you have templates to assist someone to begin with?

    Again, thank you and your webinars are fantastic. You should do a podcast.


    • Joe Garecht says:


      Glad you enjoyed the webinar! Blackbaud has a resource page just for faith-based non-profits. You can see it here: https://faith.blackbaud.com. I often write articles and do webinars that appear on that page.

      In my experience, when it comes to a fundraising plan, you can use the same steps and components that we mentioned during the webinar, even though you are a faith community. The real difference comes in your case statement / donor messaging, where you, as a faith-based organization, can communicate a bigger vision than almost any other type of non-profit.

      Hope this helps!

  • Heather says:

    Our Board is getting in on this for the first time in my memory for our 2019 plan. It’s a good thing!

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