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Who is on Social Networking Sites?

By on Feb 21, 2013


One of my favorite resources for geek-tastic data is the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Their recent report, The Demographics of Social Media Users, was brain candy for me. Many of the trends and findings aren’t shocking but a couple were more or less dramatic than I expected or especially actionable. Here’s three and what I noted about them.

The gap between urban and rural social networking use is relative.

Urban communities have the largest percentage of internet users on social networking sites (70%) but rural communities aren’t far behind (61%) and suburban communities are in between (67%).  Pew notes this as a significant gap but it seems more like an insignificant gap to me. What isn’t noted though is the percent of people in the communities are internet users to begin with.

20% of urban internet users are on Twitter.

Compared to the average of 16% of internet users in general who are on Twitter, urban communities have a higher concentration. If your nonprofit specifically focuses on providing services to urban communities, your case for using Twitter just got a little stronger.

73% of internet users with an income of $75,000+ are on Facebook.

Let’s be honest, darn near everyone who is online is on Facebook (67% of internet users). But internet users with a high income are on Facebook a little bit more. While few dollars still get donated directly through social networking sites, they do provide opportunities for nonprofit organizations to build stronger relationships with donors. Make sure you are sharing messages on Facebook that resonate with your donors – that doesn’t necessarily mean asking for money; it likely means sharing service delivery success stories.


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