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Where is the CRM Love?

By on Feb 22, 2013


You have a wealth of information about your constituents available at your fingertips. Are you using it? Your CRM solution is more than just a glorified Rolodex or a donation tracking tool. It’s a way to track key details about relationships with your constituents to show them that you love them. How can you do it? It’s easier than you think.

Acknowledging Constituent Activity

Your CRM most likely has some sort of pop-up notifications that appear on a constituent’s record because they are a board member or a VIP, for example. How about adding one that appears if a constituent has made a gift within the past month? This makes any staff member accessing the record immediately aware of the gift and allows them to thank the constituent promptly, especially if they are on the phone. What about event attendees? How about a prompt letting staff know that a constituent has recently attended an event so the staff member can ask them how their experience was at the event? These types of personal touches can go a long way in showing your constituents some love.

Oh, and don’t forget their birthday or other important milestones. My first inclination when I look at a constituent’s record isn’t to look at those key dates, but a friendly prompt makes it front of mind and helps you show some love!

Personalizing Communications

While it’s great to be able to show some love when your constituents reach out to you, of equal and perhaps greater importance is to show some love when you reach out to them. As Miriam Kagan points out in her recent post, Show your Constituents the Love Using CRM this Valentine’s Day (and all year long), it is important to personalize your communications and show some love by including personal information beyond just the constituents’ name. Personalization makes a world of difference!

Tracking Constituent Preferences

Directly or indirectly, your constituents share with you extensive information about their preferences. Preferences could be things like interests they wish to give to, how they wish to receive their receipts, what address they want event invitations mailed to, or how often they desire to be solicited. This type of information can all be tracked in your CRM. It’s one thing to track it, but another to use it. It amazes me how many organizations ignore this information in their CRM. USE IT!!! If you show your constituents the love by acting according to their preferences, they’ll show you the love in the form of increased contributions!


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