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What is this next generation of online giving?

By on May 7, 2014


We’ve seen three clear waves of online giving. The first allowed donations to a cause online. The second saw the rise of crowdfunding and platforms that allowed supporters to rally around a cause, engage their peers, and take more ownership over the fundraising process. Now, we’re entering into a third wave, also known as the next generation of online giving.

So what is this third wave, the next generation of online giving? At everydayhero we believe it’s centered around the supporter being able to quantify their giving, ultimately requiring tools that allow supporters to measure all of the ways they give.

Specifically, people should be able to track everything they give to their favorite causes, including time spent volunteering, miles walked or run for a cause, awareness spread via social media, as well as the dollars raised. Giving is so much more than just money and people should be empowered to see and feel good about everything they give.

After conducting extensive research about the giving experiences of our users, we found people can be left feeling disappointed with their fundraising and online giving experiences. And this very important finding will help guide the next generation of online giving.

Supporters feel deeply about the causes and charities they connect with and support. The giving sector is charged with emotion and passion. People put in considerable effort to engage, connect, inspire and collect on behalf of their issue or cause.

In today’s giving world, there is limited, if any, feedback in online giving. As an industry, we could easily recognize the effort and value of these supporters beyond their fundraising efforts and the money they raise.

By integrating with the tools our community already uses, like Twitter, Facebook, VolunteerMatch and MapMyFitness, we can use data from these services, along with the everyday hero platform, aggregate it and visually display a person’s Giving Footprint.

Through Giving Footprint, a dynamic visualization of all the factors that go into supporting a cause are available and supporters can see the true impact that each action they take has for the cause or causes they care about.

Getting started with everydayhero to set up your Giving Footprint is as easy as 3 steps:

1.    Sign up for an account here.

2.    Set yourself a goal. Whether it’s 5 volunteering hours for a health-related charity, or raising $500 for animal welfare, it all counts.

3.    Start your activity, and watch your Giving Footprint come to life.

Online giving has evolved. The importance for this next step in the giving process is paramount in helping to make the donor experience more engaging and rewarding.


About the Author
Simon Lockyer has over 15 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and is passionate about cause-related marketing. He believes in seamlessly integrating giving and social justice into everyday life. In 2002, Lockyer and Nathan Betteridge founded everydayhero with the goal of becoming a fast-moving consumer brand. everydayhero grew into a global fundraising platform with the mission to connect people to causes they care about. The platform aims to help people spread the word about these causes, and ultimately, generate support. Today, everydayhero has raised more than $206 million for charities and nonprofits around the world.


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