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What to Look for in 2011

By on Jan 17, 2011


New year, new trends. Here’s what to keep your eye on for the coming year.

  • Third-party fundraising sites: The next generation of social media for social good has arrived. Where should they be prioritized in your nonprofit’s integrated marketing strategy? Consider the benefits and challenges of third-party and social giving sites before integrating them into your fundraising plan. Ask yourself how much money can be raised, how do they fit into your donor cultivation plan and what can you do to get the most from the social web. Join the conversation by attending Convio’s panel discussion at Social Media Week in NYC or checking out our recap here on Connection Café the week of February 7.
  • Mobile technology: TMCNet.com reports that nearly a third of Americans used smartphones 2010 and last year Nielson predicted that by Christmas 2011, a full half of Americans will have smart phones. Add into that an increase in Android phone sales and the gotta-have-it buzz around the iPad and you’ll see mobile computing is here to stay. Consider how your organization can optimize your website and emails for the best mobile experience. Also, stay tuned to the debate about Apple’s position on permitting apps that accept donations. Changes in that position could expand the conversation around mobile technology for nonprofits.
  • Integrated campaigns: Integrated may be a word that’s bounced around your organization for years but never will it be as important as in 2011. Constituents want, and in many cases, expect, to have every avenue available to them. But don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel to meet your constituents where they are. Take the same core message and reformat it to work in a presentation, in a tweet, on your homepage and beyond. Consistency through a variety of channels will be your key to success.

How do you and your organization plan to address these up-and-coming trends? What other trends are you considering in your annual plan?


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