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User Generated Content Wins Again

By on Feb 5, 2009


I must admit, I watched this year’s Super Bowl more for the commercials than the actual game, and came away underwhelmed by most of the ads. However, the Doritos/crystal ball commercial was the most notable for me, and come to find out it was shot by two guys from Indiana that entered their spot in a contest and ended up winning $1 million. By watching the Doritos ad in comparison to the other glossy, overdone, way too expensive spots, I could tell it was different. The lighting isn’t perfect, the actors look like they could be my neighbors, and there was a simple (and cheesy) script that didn’t require voice-over talent. The point is it wasn’t perfect, and that’s probably why it stood out to me.

This is just another example of the power of user generated content (UGC) and it can be very valuable for corporations and nonprofits alike. For Doritos, they entrusted their brand to a few amateur filmmakers that created something that resonated with the millions of consumers watching the Super Bowl. The same can be true for nonprofits — likely your most valuable assets are your constituents, and letting them speak on your organization’s behalf can have great results. The methods can vary — video, emails, special events, pictures etc. — but the concept of the constituent/user/consumer telling the story is the common thread and can create an even bigger impact.

Here are some great examples of how nonprofits are sharing UGC to the masses:

If you are using UGC for your organization, leave a comment and I’d love to feature you in a future post. And, here’s the Doritos commercial for those that might not have seen it.



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