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Becoming a champion without winning the race – are you a participant or a fundraiser?

By on Jul 14, 2009


Several years ago, I started an exercise regiment to lose weight. Because I lacked the will-power to get my butt out of bed and run, jump rope, hop on the bike or swim, I signed up for numerous charity runs or rides to incent the behavior. Yet, after each event I found myself wishing I could have done more. I often donated more to the charity after meeting someone at the event who told the mission-story in a way the moved me to do more. Rarely though, did the events ask me to raise more money other than my entry fee – to be honest, even though I have been a professional fundraiser for nonprofits, I’m not sure I would have know where or how to start.

That’s what is so cool about the most recent study that Convio did – they asked some of the best participant fundraisers around for tips that can help people get started and be more successful in using technology and relationships to raise more money. Regardless of where one finishes the run, walk or ride they can be “champions” in the fundraising category. We also created a guide for fundraising and event professionals to help them put all the pieces together.

We took that information and created a tip sheet that provides 12 steps you can take to be more successful – by implementing one, six or all twelve you will not just be event participants you will become fundraisers for the cause. While a couple people might raise $1,000 or $10,000 more, imagine if all the participants at a walk with, say 1,000 people raised $50 or $100 more by implementing 1 or more of the tips – we’re talking a lot of money that can feed the hungry, go to curing cancer, support the local animal or homeless shelter – you name it – your participants, pardon me, your fundraisers can do it.

Having shed nearly 50 pounds the exercise has become a habit – the other thing that is going to become a habit is using these tips to move beyond a participant to becoming a better fundraiser for the cause. I challenge you to download the tip sheet and put it to work as well. I also want you to share your success stories and tips in the comments area below.  Millions of people participate in charity fundraising events each year, they could use your advice, your tips and shared techniques to help move other people to donate – so please download the tips and share your passion with our readers.

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