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Top Three Tips for End-of-Year Fundraising Success

By on Oct 30, 2012


Recently I had the opportunity to sit in a room with some smart fundraisers and listen to their conversation about strategy for maximizing end-of-year fundraising success. These were the top three things I took away from the conversation:

Make sure your email messages and donation pages are mobile-friendly.

With a majority of people viewing email and web content from mobile phones or tablets, making it easy and fast to donate from a mobile device is key. It’s not even just key – it’s mandatory. One comment that sums it up well from a smart fundraiser was “OMG make it mobile-friendly.”

Segment appropriately – but beware over-segmentation.

Important distinctions can include ones like donor status, sustainer status, advocate status, any special giving or affinity programs. Each segment you create requires copy approval, design work, and time, so if you’re not actually testing anything that you can use later on, don’t bother.

Ask your sustainers to give – don’t neglect this important group.

For a donor who gives monthly, you can phrase your end-of-year ask as an extra gift, the “13th gift,” or some other description that resonates with your mission. Make sure you acknowledge that you know the donor is a sustainer and already a valuable part of your organization.

Need inspiration?

Our smart team at Blackbaud has put together some useful tips for end-of-year planning that you can access. Additionally, if you’re feeling stuck for ideas or just want some mojo, we’re conducting some webinars about EOY – register today to reserve your spot.


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