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Today is your day

By on Sep 7, 2011


I’d like to keep it simple today and encourage you to do a little exercise in motivation inspired by a couple of recent Seth Godin blog posts, particularly one from today. While I had plans to post on a case study, this morning while thumbing through my emails I came across a call to action from Seth to do something very specific on End Malaria Day, today.  It made me stop to think more about why we are all here at this particular web address and why do we want to read about online fundraising.  In short, I think the readers and contributors of this blog in some way want to do something great to change the world for the better.  Well, today is your day to start or to perhaps reevaluate how you are making that happen.

Seth urges his readers to do three things that will spread the word and help support funding for nets.  Simply put, he said:”What would happen if you did that? What would happen if you stepped up and spent a few dollars?  Here’s what would happen: someone wouldn’t die.”

Today, I’d like you to take out a post-it note.  Write this on it: Today is my day.  Each day is your day to do a little more, to make a little more progress.

Take that with you everywhere you go.  Post it up on your monitor, on your bathroom mirror, on your car steering wheel. Put it simply, like Seth.  If people take action – simple action – for the cause you are passionate then about what will happen? Will a life be saved, will a child learn how to read, will a hungry man be fed?

Be clear with your constituents and keep it simple. Remind them that today is their day as well.


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