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Three Tips for Online Contact with Prospects

By on Mar 6, 2012


Your presence on the internet is your 24/7 doorstep.  If you browse the web looking at your favorite causes’ websites, you may be impressed by the constantly refreshing photos, the pleasing graphics or the 50 sidebar menu items.  However, consider these three tips.

1.       Keep in mind our friends who are colorblind

More than 8% of men in the United States and between .5% and 2% of females are colorblind.  The most common form of colorblindness is dichromacy, which is the inability to discern red and green. Instead of those colors, our colorblind friends see shades of grey instead.  Make sure when you are making a point or highlighting an issue on your website or communications, you do not place them in one of those two colors.

2.       Older generations are becoming more comfortable on the world wide web

A recent report by the Pew Research Center indicates that 61% of individuals aged 55-64 have home broadband, followed by 44% of adults aged 65 – 73 and 20% of adults aged 74 or older.  In light of these users, consider your font size on your communications.  Smaller fonts are going to be more difficult to read. Distractions are also going to be a nuisance.  A study from the University of Toronto showed older individuals pause just as long to consider your “donate now” button as they do to consider the “next page” option.  Try not to distract them from your ultimate need.

3.       One click to give a gift

There is nothing more frustrating when you want to make a donation to a non-profit than trying to find out where to go on their website.  Make it easy for everyone – make sure every page has a link to “Donate Now” or “Give a Gift”.  This will be appreciated by your older donors who are confused by the menu of options, as well as your younger generations who want to get on with their internet surfing.

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