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The Self-Taught Analytics Professional



There are several resources out there that you can investigate on the subject of learning the mechanics and strategies behind database analytics as it relates to your various fundraising programs and initiatives.

First, it is important for development leadership to realize the value and importance of having someone with analytics skills on your team.  Utilizing the data that exists in your fundraising system, along with other externally available information appended to that same system, you can help identify and provide lists of prospects to focus on for annual, major, and planned giving opportunities.

Predictive fundraising models, whether you do this yourself or contract with a vendor for this service, can further take what you are tracking in your database and not only look at who, at this time, you can immediately target for certain types of gifts, but who else in your database looks like those prospects already giving to your organization, thus predicting their likelihood and capacity.  The combination of these two areas of ability and inclination is so much more powerful than just looking at wealthy capable prospects or those who have an affinity for us.  Looking at your prospects in a silo one way or the other neglects to provide your gift officers and the ability to discover and hone in on, with laser-like focus, the best prospects.  So if you need to make the case to invest time and money in learning more about analytics, hopefully this is helpful.

There are some great professional development resources, information, and training available to you and your organization you may wish to check out.

Blogs and websites:

Webinars and YouTube videos:

Papers and presentations:



LinkedIn Discussion Groups to join:

Analytics Software:

I hope you find some resources here that you were not aware of and in the end that they are helpful in your analytics journey!


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