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The Power of Online Fundraising [INFOGRAPHIC]

By on Jun 6, 2013


People to people fundraising

Marc Koenig

By Marc Koenig, senior editor, Nonprofit Hub

You suspected it, and the stats agree: Online fundraising grew in 2012 by 21% according to the 2013 Nonprofit eBenchmarks Study. If online fundraising was a mutual fund, brokers world-wide would be on it like sharks in a feeding frenzy.

This means two things:

  1. More donors than ever before are online
  2. They’re giving money to causes that matter

The question for your organization: How long will you wait to greet them?

My hope is that the infographic I’m sharing doesn’t just dump a collage of pretty facts on you, but rather connects the dots for your organization, and tells you a story. A story that tells you about the link between online fundraising and monthly giving, the connection between regular giving and loyalty, and between your willingness to innovate now and your future fundraising success.

But most importantly, I hope it inspires you to do something different in 2013.

Let’s get these stats higher:

Why You Should Start Fundraising Online:

The Power of Online Fundraising INFOGRAPHIC


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