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The Outcomes Business

By on Jun 25, 2012


The Outcomes Business

Blackbaud CEO Marc Chardon and Outcome Guide Hal Williams have joined forces on a Huffington Post series “The Imperfect Storm” to examine the current nonprofit environment. Varying circumstances and key shifts in the sector are coming together to create the potential for continued rough times.

The first shift Marc and Hal identified was nonprofits needing to engage donors. As their article says “Donors don’t just want to give money. They want what we call ‘personal discovery’ that involves a give and take of information, shared by both the donor and the organization. They want to advocate, volunteer, test things out and be a part of the cause. They want, through all of their gifts, to find meaning.”

The second shift “nonprofits need to define themselves by their results” is the cornerstone of today’s article. Marc and Hal argue that “moving to a clear report card of results, published annually, puts nonprofits in the outcome business, which is where they should be.”

In thinking about your organization, how are you addressing these two shifts? Are you consciously engaging all, most, some or any of your donors? How are you reporting back on your successes? What outcomes are you tracking and how?

Read today’s full article and share your experiences, ideas and quuestions in the comments below.


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