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The Online Benchmark Report is Here| How Does Your Org Measure Against Its Peers?

By on Oct 6, 2014


The 2014 Luminate Online Benchmark Report is now available, just in time for #bbcon!

It’s the largest and most comprehensive report of its kind, using data from nearly 800 Luminate Online customers to help you evaluate your overall strategies and performance in online fundraising.

Regardless of whether or not you’re using Luminate Online, the research and data from this report can give you a detailed view of how you’re measuring against your peers.

Based on the aggregated data of the 794 participating nonprofit organizations, the research found that:

  • Collectively over the past year, these organizations raised $1.27 billion in 18 million transactions and sent 7.6 billion email messages.
  • There was an 11.7% increase in housefile growth
  • Each email address is worth $12.46 in online revenue
  • The average online donation was $91.70
  • 58.6% of revenue came from repeat donors

Check out the infographic or download the report to measure your performance against your peers:

luminate online benchmark infographic

It can be said that the most important metric is an organization’s own historical performance; these benchmarks shouldn’t be thought of as a strategy in and of themselves.  Alone, these benchmarks are just numbers—where we use them is what’s most important.

The question is how you will use these benchmarks to plan and strategize for 2015?


Madeline Turner is a social media expert, and was formerly the online and social marketing manager at Blackbaud. Prior to running Blackbaud’s social media and thought leadership blog npENGAGE, Madeline worked as a managing editor for Blackbaud’s content marketing program. It is her goal to create content and share ideas that challenge the status quo of the nonprofit industry. When Madeline isn’t tweeting or writing blog posts, you can find her drinking coffee out of her ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ mug, wearing giant headphones and singing off-key.

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