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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup:Donor Engagment, Campaign Planning, and Selfies

By on Sep 8, 2013


Weekly nonprofit content marketing update

This past week was a blur.

At one point, I’m pretty sure that I actually cried. Sometimes the pressure just builds to be too much.

But unlike the days when tantrums were acceptable tolerated, there’s about a five minute window of grace before you’ve got to pick yourself up and keep moving. Keep performing!

It’s during week’s like this and days like those that I’m even more appreciative of the content created to help me do my job better- to keep me creative- to keep me on my toes.

I hope this week’s nonprofit highlights do the same for you:

  • Some make content creation look easy, but it’s not. And you shouldn’t expect it to be- but telling your organization’s story is important, so stop being hard on yourself. Start writing. Copyblogger makes it easy by destroying any insecurities that you might have in this post: 10 Rules for Writing First Drafs [Poster].
  • On Front Range Source’s blog, Leslie Allen dives into the buzzword we’ve all been throwing around lately: engagement. In her post, What is Donor Engagement, Anyway? 3 Ideas to Make it Real, she provides some ideas for what this could mean for your organization. For many, it might involve a little attitude adjustment.
  • Steven Shattuck makes a guest appearance on Nonprofit Hub and suggests  5 Can’t-Miss Opportunities for Extraordinary Donor Engagement. This post hits on the importance of the little things and challenges organizations to consider how even the simplest of gestures can show a whole lot of appreciation.
  • How’s the planning going for your end-of-year campaign?’s that time again and, like it or not, the difference between a successful campaign and a not-so-successful campaign is preparation. Mike Snusz covers End-of-Year Campaign Planning: 6 Things to Get Done in September on the Guide Creative Blog.
  • On the Future Fundraising Now blog, Jeff Brooks reminds us that boring isn’t all bad. In Why your fundraising brand should bore you, he suggests that repetition is about reach. If you’re changing all the time, don’t expect your donors to keep up.
  • Selfies. They may be causing a lot of controversy, but some nonprofits have found a silver lining. Beth Kanter highlights a few organizations that are taking advantage of the trend in her post, Selfies for Good? Or just tapping into a narcissistic trend?

and there’s more where that came from..

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