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The Nonprofit Weekly Roundup: A Birthday Surprise, Celebrating Milestones, and 10 Fixes for Wasted Time

By on Apr 27, 2014


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Today’s my birthday, but I got my present a few days early this year.

Since I’m not big on keeping all the fun to myself, it only makes sense that I also share it with you.

The newest edition of npEXPERTS was published this week!

I know, I know, cue the hoots and hollers. Just like my quarter of a century Birthday, this eBook has been long anticipated and is packed with all sorts awesome. It’s 36 pages of thoughtful advice on donor acquisition strategies, written collaboratively by a cross-section of nonprofit fundraising experts. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

But, as you know all too well, one gift is never enough..

Here are a few more gifts just for you:

  • If you don’t ask for feedback, how do you really know that what you’re doing is meeting the wants and needs of your supporters? In Gail Perry’s post, How to Ask Your Donors for Feedback So They’ll Love You Even More, she shares insight into the new trend that’s being adopted by smart fundraisers and how your organization can also jump on board.
  • This year, the boomer generation will be between the ages of 50 – 68. Connecting with this group means that your organization must understand their specific wants and needs. On Engage: Boomers, Jim Gilmartin shares 10 Insights for Connecting With This Generation to help your organization more accurately target your communications.
  • On Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications Blog, she welcomed the Communities Foundation of Texas’ Carol Goglia to share her strategy for Celebrating Your Nonprofit’s Milestone Anniversary. It’s important to shine light on the good that your organization has done and plans to do, to continuously build momentum for your cause. Take a look back – whose lives have you touched? What milestones did you achieve? Use your accomplishments and future plans to educate and motivate your community.
  • Want a second date with your donors? Then ask yourself: Do You Have the Data to Map a Successful Donor Journey? Danielle Johnson Vermenton joins npENGAGE to offer up her strategies for mapping a donor journey, from first glance to follow up. With the right understanding of who your donors are and how they want to contribute to your organization, you can build a path that keeps your supporters engaged.
  • As Darian Rodriguez Heyman says on John Haydon’s blog, the mobile age isn’t coming. It’s here. So, what’s your nonprofit doing to devise a plan that harnesses this tool for good? Darian suggests these Top 6 Tips for Taking your Cause Mobile that will help you meet you donors and potential donors on their terms.
  • If you’re pushing out communications for the sole purpose of checking it off your to-do list or just “getting them out there”, you’re wasting your time. Claire Axelrad asks, “why even bother?”. In her post, Why Your Nonprofit Communications are a Waste of Time: 10 Easy Fixes, she guides readers through the art and science of creating and sending messages with purpose.




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