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The Next Generation of American Giving: Insights, Takeaways, & Suggestions From The Nonprofit Industry

By on Aug 17, 2013


Next Generation Fundraising Ideas

You may have heard that Blackbaud recently released a generational giving study and associated infographic that covers the Next Generation of American Giving! Maybe you’ve seen it, shared it with your network of peers, discussed the findings, or pondered over what the study means for the future of your organization’s fundraising.

Make sure to check out the interactive infographic if you haven’t seen it already (the static version can be found below). Interesting stuff, right?

It gets better…

Below you will find a compilation of insightful thoughts, takeaways, and suggestions related to the study’s findings.

Take a gander at what industry professionals are saying about your donors: baby boomers, generations x and y, and the matures.

  1. Charitable Giving: Baby Boomers Donate More, Study Shows – Forbes – Online
  2. What Do You Really Know About Your Donor? – The Agitator
  3. Your Donors Are Old! Celebrate! – The Agitator
  4. Baby Boomers Are Foundation of U.S. Giving – The Nonprofit Times
  5. 5 of a Number of Takeaways from Blackbaud’s 2013 Next Generation Giving Study – NPQ
  6. Older Donors Are More Likely to Give Nonprofits Unrestricted Gifts – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  7. Young People Like to Be Involved and Want Peer Approval – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  8. Growing Up to Give – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  9. 6 Trends that Will Reshape the Way Nonprofit Groups Raise Support – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  10. Baby Boomers Now Largest Source of Charity Gifts, Study Finds – The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  11. Baby Boomers Lead the Way in Charitable Giving by Blackbaud – CPA Practice Advisor- Online
  12. On the Beat – Star Tribune
  13. Boomers Emerging As The Dominant Force in American Philanthropy – eJewish Philanthropy
  14. Who Dominates Charitable Giving? Baby Boomers, By Far  by Blackbaud –
  15. New Study: 60% of Americans Donate Money to Charity – Frogloop
  16. Charitable Giving Demographics: Baby Boomers the Most Generous Generation – Millionaire Corner
  17. Boomers give more to charities by Blackbaud–
  18. Baby boomers most generous- Gen Y most likely to increase donations – Fundraising Seminars & Training From The Fundraising Coach Marc A Pitman

How will the findings from this study impact your fundraising?

We want to hear. Share in the comments below!

Check out the static infographic, but don’t forget to go marvel over the dynamic version.

The Next Generation of Giving Improve Fundraising Results by Knowing Your Donors Birthdays [Study + INFOGRAPHIC]


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