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The Facts Behind Your Hunch

By on Sep 23, 2011


How do you think online constituent engagement is trending for nonprofits? All your personal indicators – your organization’s web visits, prevalence of social media, your personal online engagement – say it’s growing, up and to the right.

But it’s one thing to have a hunch about the trends. It’s another to have hard, quantitative data.

Each year the Convio Benchmark Report tracks just this: how well nonprofits and their constituents are engaging with each other online. And when we compare year over year we can see that our collective gut feeling is right on the money – online continues to shine.  (Convio Luminate™ would be a good name for a solution that helps that even get better…)

Recently published in NTEN’s Change, on Mashable and on Katya’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog, the infographic below shows market trends year over year since 2008. We hope you’ll use it to make your case for online engagement, benchmark your success and to be the proof in the Internet pudding.


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