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The Community is Dead, Long Live the Web Site

By on May 7, 2009


And vice versa.

I have a wish for the future. My wish is that, in the future, we no longer have Community sites and Content sites. My wish is that we have what I call socially enabled web sites.

Here is what I want a socially enabled site to have:

I want to visit a site and see a conversation happening on every page. I want to see the comments and reactions to the content presented.

Along side the discussions, I want to see blog posts that touch on the same topic.

I want to see related video and photo content, produced by  both the organization and other constituents. I want to be able to sort them by rating, and I want to be able to express an opinion on what I see and read.

I want to be able to share what I see with my friends who may not spend time on the organization site. I want to be able to send private messages to the other constituents, people I don’t really know, who are attending the event I just signed up for.

I want to be able to form groups of people, for a variety of reasons including the desire to support a particular campaign being run by the organization.

I want all this presented to me in a way that makes sense, is unobtrusive, and is inspiring.

I want to be able to build all this from one content management system that integrates with my CRM system.

I’m sure I’m missing something(s). If you were to snap your fingers and have a socially enabled site, what would yours be like?


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